Sunday, January 9, 2011

Arizona Bleeding...

teach your children...better

Iraq Cleric: We reject America

Arizona Tea Party: so do we

the facts are Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was harassed by the Tea Party for her vote of Health Care Reform..her office was vandalized, she received threats...and finally, some little crazy shit shot her and 18 other people, killing 6, including a nine year old girl in a public function hosted by Giffords...the media, FOX NEWS and CNN reported the Giffords was dead, but the cops said she was wounded and in surgery....nice job FOX and CNN..and later FOX blamed the government for their mistake!!

now, the gunman, Jerod Loughner, whose youtube video shouted:"let the bodies hit the floor" was tackled by Arizonians so I won't blame all of them, but with racist Gov Brewer, homophobe John McCain and the crazy Aryan immigration law, the state is not exactly a shining example of enlightenment...and it should be! it's got all the necessary requirement and power spots like the Grand Canyon, but the people..something bad has happened to the people....of course not all the people, but there is a faction of nutjobs that wants to kill the government....and there's talk that Sarah Palin's big mouth pushed this guy to shoot......the crosshairs target metaphor was stupid, but not a call to go shoot people...naw...Sarah's not out to kill people, just caribou....we don't need to stop free speech, just free access to guns in Arizona by the wrong people....this country is unprepared to deal with mental illness...the Cold Spring Bridge is a perfect example: we have Caltrans treating the symptoms of depression!!

there will always be the unhinged guy who kills for fame or glory..history is full of them...but Arizona seems to be the hub of disenchanted fringe people..mostly white and uneducated...and some crazy....there were many in the Tea Party calling for 2nd amendment solutions to elected officials who don't vote the way the fringe wants them to...and that must be looked at by the feds...more on all this later but the victims of this violence need solace...

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