Wednesday, January 5, 2011

factory girls...

thank you Rosie...

so the News-Press is afraid of the working class and will spread as many lies about unions as they can fit in their little paper..the same unions that kicked Arnold's ass outta office!

but the latest snow job was courtesy of Michele Malkin, that little psycho Jap whose ultra conservatism borders on lunacy....and she quotes from a New York Post story that accuses union bosses of ordering a work slowdown (union bosses don't order anything unless the rank and file vote)...of course, the Post is owned by FOX nut Rupert Murdoch and is notorious for making up stories to make their enemies look bad, like the News-Press tries to do! morons!!!

now, there's good and bad in the private and public sector, but keeping a city safe in a blizzard is no easy task...the New York Sanitation and Public Works people were accused of a work slowdown because when the blizzard hit, Mayor Bloomberg was set to lay off or demote 100 supervisors who are charge of organizing the city's plowing fleet...Michele's piece tries to blame the "union thugs" for the snowstorm..the facts show otherwise...but the funny part was when she tried to compare her town of ultra-conservative anti-tax Colorado Springs with New York..she says Colorado Springs privatizes the public works and suggests New York do the same thing. First off, the population of Colorado Springs is about 400000..New York City has about 8 million people, the most populous city in takes a huge work force to get things done..and they do all the dirty work and take the blame when rumors they should be paid well...but the anti-union News-Press and folks like Malkin don't understand this because they don't understand an honest day's work......the truth is Mayor Bloomberg screwed up and he's passing the buck to the workers..very typical and spineless of the wealthy class...

now, Colorado Springs has plenty of seems even Michele isn't aware her own city tried to raise property taxes because of extreme debt!!

Current issues

In order to combat the nearly $38 million budget shortfall projected in 2010 caused by current economic conditions resulting in decreased sales taxes, a proposal to increase property taxes by $10 million over five years was approved for the November 2009 ballot by the city council on August 25, 2009. Issue 2C was voted down on November 3, 2009. An attempt to reform the city's Taxpayers Bill of Rights (TABOR) was considered but not put on the ballot. As a result the city reduced fire and police jobs, stopped paving roads, eliminated evening and weekend bus service, reduced public trash control, and asked residents to mow the grass in their neighborhood parks.

COLORADO SPRINGS — This tax-averse city is about to learn what it looks and feels like when budget cuts slash services most Americans consider part of the urban fabric.

More than a third of the streetlights in Colorado Springs will go dark Monday. The police helicopters are for sale on the Internet. The city is dumping firefighting jobs, a vice team, burglary investigators, beat cops — dozens of police and fire positions will go unfilled.

The parks department removed trash cans last week, replacing them with signs urging users to pack out their own litter.

Neighbors are encouraged to bring their own lawn mowers to local green spaces, because parks workers will mow them only once every two weeks. If that.

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Colorado Springs cuts into services considered basic by many - The Denver Post

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sound like a great city to live in if you like ghost towns! Most really small towns do fine without a public work force and it makes sense to contract out..but bigger cities that own their public works need WORKERS to do the jobs and you can't have workers if you don't pay them...otherwise you may have to clean out the sewer lines yourselves....

I think Wendy and Michelle may have never heard of Rosie the Riveter..and their ignorance of the working class is pathetic...

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Pulverized Concepts said...

Looks like Colorado Springs is on the right track, if you don't have the money, don't spend it. They can probably get along just fine without police helicopters. Who says that more cops=less crime? What's wrong with picking up after yourself?