Saturday, January 15, 2011

Silent Spring...

Nature knows no indecencies; man invents them. ~Mark Twain, Notebook, 1935

ok we know something is going on over at the Independent with Marianne P getting Wendy's sloppy seconds (Joe Cole), and Randy C and Marianne fueding in court, I guess I will have to get involved since the Judge Denise Debellefeuille and I share something in common, however, now is not the time..however again, it is time to scrutinize an article in the Indie about Eucalyptus trees, my favorite trees, by a chick named Teisha Rowland who studies stem cells at usual with these people, the bias against nonatives is pathelogical and she dredges up old myths about the eucs..all debunked by anyone at all curious about what really happens outside the classroom..that's right, Teisha you little twit, get the fuck outside the classroom, get your tits dirty and see what's really happening!

she says:


It seems harmless enough; how can releasing just a few plants or animals into a new area hurt anything? But again and again, we’ve seen just how devastating introducing a foreign organism can be, whether it was on purpose or inadvertent. This has led to declining populations of bats, honeybees, and amphibians, among others, and the explosive population of garden snails in California Even when it doesn’t look like the non-native organism is doing any harm, it’s still tilting a biological scale that had carefully balanced itself over millennia.

now this is what makes my head spin like that little girl in the Exorcist....explosive population of garden snails in California??? WTF!!

these folks ignore dispersal, Nature's means of spreading wind, ducks, people ... competition and fires keep plants in check...when over populated areas in the hills in California get hit by fire, the people blame the eucs instead of the high winds, 100 degree temps, and all those houses that shouldn't be there!!

Now, the war on ferals began with Clinton and Gore creating the Invasive Species Council..since then, removing non-natives has become big business...and this is why people keep coming up with this outrageous slander against trees..MONEY!! billions wasted!!
the fact is the native-only cultists like Teisha, who sounds like she needs a good fuck to straighten her out, have done severe environmental damage that she blames on the non-natives! What does she think the consequences will be when she and her trolls poison and kill, poison and kill, disrupt, fertilize, and poison some more, the landscape to help ease their irrational fear of eucs and non-natives?? well, you are seeing it now.....bats and bees are disappearing because of herbacides and pesticides, sprayed in creeks and meadows to kill bastard plants...the hawks, bees, bats love non natives and natives..they make no distinction....only man does that..and when all this money is spent manicuring the wild aspect of nature, the weeds, God Bless 'em, keep growing back because the winds scatter the seeds! and they grow back stronger for which I'm thankful...nature always wins.....

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