Tuesday, January 18, 2011

one toke over the line...

is Lanny Ebenstein a pothead? a jarhead? a jughead?

well, after seeing his picture in the News-Press and reading his editorials, it looks like Lanny is wearing a pot on his head.... so I will launch a series of investigative reports, starting today... first I will list some symptoms of potty abuse and then some samples of his writing... I think it's plain to see Lanny is showing signs of severe silliness..or pottiness as I like to call it....his editorials are repetitive, like he can't remember he said the exact same thing last week, the writing is often twisted and tortured, as though getting through a sentence is a major task....of course, Mr. Ebenstein is welcome to refudiate my testimony and evidence any time he wishes, in the comments section...

the writing samples are taken from an editorial in the News-Press about education...I feel Lanny's words speak for themselves..hey that's clever!..but anyway, anyone is welcome to refudiate my inability to make sense of the editorial!

Marijuana abuse: Complications

Review medical complications possibly associated with Marijuana abuse:

Acute complications of marijuana/cannabis use may include:

Impaired thinking - up to 24 hours (an editorial cycle!)

Coordination difficulty (see Coordination problems) - up to 24 hours
Short term memory loss - up to several weeks.

now, the font is bigger in case your eyes are bloodshot and we know that education is important as even Sarah Palin would cop to that...but if the communication is so muddled, then education is just a word...and that's the problem..pot causes jumbled word salad thinking and I believe with all my heart that both Sarah and Lanny been tokin' on the same doobie....

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Anonymous said...

looks like a helmethead http://www.ebaumsworld.com/pictures/view/283080/