Saturday, January 29, 2011

the Teachings of Don Juan...

a separate reality

after seeing Ernie Salomon's funny interview with self-proclaimed News-Press Editor Don Katich, I was interested in why this guy Katich looks at ease or nervous all the time...and why the News-Press seems to focus on three things: bulbouts, homeless, and the Reagan Ranch Center..

so I began my search for info since he is a public figger now thanks to Nipper and Wendy.. I'm checking out the web...I checked Craig Smith's Blog..he's usually up on the News-Press least he was at one News-Press stuff for months! hmmm, I wonder why...I'll have to think about that for a spell..hmmmm's something... Katich used to sell real estate after his job at KEYT expired.. Don Katich, Real Estate Agent, Coldwell Banker Real Estate Corporation... after the real estate gig, he went to work for the News-Press...hmmm.....what was the nexus from real estate to the News-Press? real estate~News-Press..if I was selling real estate why would I go to work for the it because I wasn't doing a very good job selling real estate?? or I was running out of money?? why did Wendy hire Don Katich? is it because when you run the name together, it sounds like donkey? donka-tich...and Wendy's likes her pet donkeys!

and why hasn't Craig Smith written anything about the News-Press for months?? did Wendy pay him off? why him..why not me!! godddamit Wendy, I like money too!! and what's Barry Cappello up to?? and who is Albany Irwin? an escort??

Client comments about Albany Irvin

"As a producer of over 50 telethons, hundreds of public events and thousands of commercials, few talent have had the poise, presence and pizzazz that I witnessed with Albany. She is quick on her feet, takes direction, unflappable and a joy to work with." (she fucks good!)
- Don Katich, producer MDA Telethon

I want some answers!!

I suppose I could call these folks and find out but it's more fun for me to speculate...somewhere in the middle the truth will fall...the verdict will fall...Truth. That's what verdict means. It's a word that comes down from old England, and all our little ol' ancestors ...


Anonymous said...

He got hired because he is Arthur's friend. He knows nothing about the newspaper biz; his claim to fame at KEYT where we was fired, was to hire freelancers or college kids who needed experience to save on payroll. Same thing he convinced Wendy to do; those N-P "writers" are all kids or freelancers who get paid chump change. Reason why Craig Smith doesn't write about him? It has something to do with family ties. And he is NOT the editor; in fact, he was caught printing out real estate listings while at the N-P. He's also an admitted libertarian/Scientologist and the writers he recruits come from the Ronald ReaGUNS Center.

Anonymous said...

Don Scrapeitch married Craig Smith's ex-wife. Craig Smith is a fan boi and now he is in film geek mode. The only one speaking truth to power in this county is you Mick.

Please continue what you are doing.

Mick Von Caw said...

I will continue to peel away the layers of this travesty and investigate these claims until they all confess!