Friday, January 7, 2011

hurt so good

c'mon baby make it hurt so good...

I want you to guess what job I'm applying for: I walk into the room and there's a lady sitting at a desk ready to ask me questions: she says: what's your name..I shout at her and slap her.. I scream: salute me bitch, get on you knees dog...stand on you head and take your panties off...[Expletive] me 'til I cry...then we watch some porn movies together.. ok, so what job am I going for?

give up?? I'm applying for a job in the Navy!!

U.S. Navy Captain Orders Sailor: "[Expletive] Me to Tears"
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ok there's that...

and then there's this about the Navy captain Owen Honors producing little porny videos to boost the crew's morale on the USS Enterprise...the war against terror is a bummer so to cope these guys look at the captain's silly this what has become of America's Armed Forces: we got a bunch of pampered fratboy commissioned officers jerkin' off to keep the troops happy?? oh boy, what a a time of war, when you're serving and representing the country in uniform, this kind of stuff is unbecoming an officer...and we've had a lot of unbecoming officers in the military lately....from the scandalous Tailhook convention in Las Vegas, where dozens of women were forced to run "The Gauntlet" where they were sexually molested by out-of-control airmen.. to Dr. Laura's dumbass son's antics...the military deserves some leeway especially in times of war..but when you get paid by taxpayers to represent the United States Armed Forces, a high degree of professionalism is required..if you want to be a clown, don't join the Navy, join the circus...or start a blog...

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