Thursday, January 27, 2011

the wasteland of the free...

Living in the wasteland of the free
where the poor have now become the enemy
Let's blame our troubles on the weak ones
Sounds like some kind of Hitler remedy
Living in the wasteland of the free ...Iris Dement

a few years ago I saw Frank Hotchkiss stumble out of an old black Porsche that was missing its front license..he went into Winchell's donut shop on Milpas..his eyes were bloodshot and his bulbous nose was even more bulbous than usual..then he got elected to Santa Barbara City Council..Frank got my attention when he said he wanted to get rid of all the homeless people in Santa Barbara...the conservatives on the Council, Dale Francisco, Frank Hotchkiss and the new guy Randy "Ronald McDonald" Rouse all want to get rid of the, Rouse will do whatever Dale wants him to it appears he's found a daddy on the council to help guide sweet...but the conservatives on the council are speaking out of their asses on this issue..making things up, coming up with stupid ideas...they say they don't have enough data on the homeless population in town, so they don't believe the claims that some down -and -outers are local, or veterans..check the intake census of the shelters dumbasses!!!

but, Dale claims that many homeless take advantage of Santa Barbara and the system..he knows because he's seen it..then, he doesn't provide any evidence!

and Frank Hotchkiss, an obviously heavy drinker, says that not all towns in California have homeless people..that Santa Barbara is one of the few because of the services provided, like the shelter by the tracks on lower, this brings me to the Milpas Association.. a group of conservatives who banded together to try to end the homeless in their end the crime in the area....ok, not a bad idea...but things are a bit muddled with these people..their bias against the homeless is evident..extreme prejudice...their mouthpiece is Alan Bleeker, who owns a harware store and appears to be a I want some statistics from these people: verifiable proof that the homeless are hurting their businesses...that illegal activity is being ignored by the cops...if that's the case, fire Chief Sanchez and get a competent officer in there..
the last time looked, being homeless wasn't a crime, being poor wasn't a crime and panhandling wasn't a crime....but harrassment of a class of people by the city certainly may be a crime..

quick..see that chick on the beach....somebody check her she a it legal to play volleyball on the beach with her tits flopping around and her ass enticing me..somebody on the!!!

more on the Milpas Association later..meanwhile, I am boycotting Bleeker's business, Capital Hardware, altho I've never ever shopped there..and I never will....I'll have more on the Arayan Nazi influence on Milpas businesses..and more on the Milpas Association in the future, Meine Freunde...

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Anonymous said...

I realize this isn't as important as the issues surrounding Santa Barbara's homeless community, but since this blog is about the News-Press: Why is there no coverage on Page 1 or on the Web site of the SBIFF? Is the paper boycotting the film festival this year?