Sunday, January 23, 2011

birds of a feather..

die together...if your town doesn't look quite the way you think it should, it's because community development has run amuck...

Governor Brown is on the right track by going after waste in government like redevelopment agencies..and there's a few more he could rein in...I support agriculture but the Dept of Ag is outta of the most wasteful and useless agencies, using tax money to poison the get rid of species for no good reason except fear and ignorance....they've been doing their handiwork in Carp and now I hear the US Dept of Ag is admitting they poisoned thousands of birds in South Dakota because a farmer complained they were pooping on his animal feed!

in Carpinteria, the 8th Street Bridge is a perfect example..when local government agencies conspired to replace a classic old foot bridge in Carpinteria..the 8th Street Bridge...they over-spent, over-built, and over-killed the creek beneath...



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and the EPA has been using pesticides toxic to bees... Colorado beekeeper Tom Theobald never expected to become embroiled in a controversy between the EPA and the pesticide industry. But that's exactly what happened when Theobald got hold of an EPA document revealing that the agency is allowing the widespread use of a bee-toxic pesticide, in spite of warnings from EPA scientists. So how did Theobald end up with such a contentious document?
Bayer, the corporation behind clothianidin (the pesticide in question), published a life cycle study about it in 2006 at the EPA's request. The study was flawed--test and control fields were, for example, planted as close as 968 feet apart. But the EPA continued to allow the use of clothianidin, which has been on the market since 2003 for use on corn, canola, soy, sugar beets, sunflowers, and wheat (and which has been banned by Germany, France, Italy, and Slovenia for its toxic effects on bees, birds, and other species).

what usually happens is the gov't give tax money to non- profits who then go out and poison the land to get rid of unwanted critters and plants...and we sit there with our thumbs up our asses and let it happen!! why??

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