Saturday, January 1, 2011

Midnite Special

a note to readers..
from Mick Von Caw, editor, publisher, CEO, COO, CFO, BFD etc of

first of all dear readers..Happy New Year!

I wish prosperity for you and yours and theirs...and animals..I just love animals!!

Since buying the, I have strived to make it the best it can be...I have worked hard to keep it local and remove any bias (BS) from the pages, or posts, or whatever...I came into town tits first and have given lots of money to things I care about, so you should respect me for that..and I know you do...there will be some new features at, at least that's what I keep hearing...oh, and does anyone know a good hair stylist??

my resolutions for 2011

Integrity..I will strive to keep this blog full of it!

loyalty..I reward loyalty with big fat dollar bills!

pensions...I will strive in 2011 to steal pensions from all government employees and make them do what the private sector does at the end of their working careers..stand in the soup lines!

I will buy the News-Press (that paper thingie) when the value drops down next to nothing..oh, that's right now!! I will make Lanny Ebenstein write about more than one topic per Grow Houses: How to Profit in the Down Economy and not just about county pensions...working class pensions are as unsustainable as my patience for the News-Press editorials from this dopehead!

I will reach out to self- important government officials, some of whom have called a "horrible blog"...but just you wait and see, I'll gain their respect!

I will try a non-blonde..

the price for buying has gone up from $100000 to $1000000.... I gotta eat you know

I will become a stand-up comic and take my show on the'll have to pay to see me!

so let's make 2011 a special year, ok? cause I know a lot of you citizens out there are very special people...very special indeed....

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Non-blonde said...

But Mick, you already make me pay. OOOPS! That was supposed to be our secret. I forgot.