Tuesday, January 11, 2011

armed and delirious...

Tea Party and Rightwingers in defensive mode..many crawl out of their bunkers just long enough to see their shadows..get scared..and crawl back in!

is Jered Loughner the new face of the Tea Party??

so the shootings in Arizona have many folks pointing the finger at the Tea Party for inciting this type of violence..many blame the rightwing radio jocks like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck for pushing the lemmings over the edge....the Tea Party is on the defensive..."we hate violence, peace and love, power to the people" they now shout...but is it too late....will this tragic event spell the end of the Tea Party? well, maybe..I mean who wants to be associated with a group of people who wrap themselves in God, guns and the American flag?? a group of people who would threaten to kill elected representatives if they dare try to reform Health Care....is this really worth killing and dying for..Health Care reform?? and what about all the nut talk about Obama's a communist, he's a socialist, he's not a citizen..all this coming from fringe Americans like Jered Loughner...and now when blood spills, the Tea Party pretends it's shocked like normal Americans....but these little punks are cut from the same cloth...ignorance!!
and over at FOX NEWS, Bill O'Reilly was crying about people blaming him...he went on and on about the left wing loons out to get him...about how innocent Fox News and the Tea Party is just because they want to kill progressives! the Tea Party uses gun imagery and paranoid rhetoric about the gov't coming to take wasy our guns..no they're not..no one is coming to take away my guns...but owning firearms comes with responsibility...Teabagger Michelle Bachman wants everyone in Michigan armed and dangerous to fight Obamacare!! now there's a loon!!

I got no problem killing someone who is trying to kill me or family, but shooting politicians because you don't like them...or shooting kids....killing kids....dropping bombs...the Teabaggers are on the defensive..and well they should be...

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