Wednesday, May 23, 2012

pleasures of the harbor

smart elusive and strong..the mighty permit

well I was reading the News-Press on Tuesday after I got back from the Harbor...what a lovely place the Harbor's got boats and people and pretty girls and birds and fish and water and sunshine...key ingredients for a happy life...I saw a lovely lady dressed in black tights...we passed each other on the sidewalk area by the boats..I looked back at her..she looked back at me..I looked back at her..she looked back at me, I looked down at a starfish in the water, then back at the gal and she disappreared over the railing into the water......I will be back until I find her again....that beautiful mermaid.... I want to look at her again!

thick as a brick
the city was replacing the brick sidewalks that crumbled under the weight of vehicles... they used bricks instead of stamped concrete that looks like brick..bricks are for walls and patios, not city streets...

then I see a picture in the News-Press that alarmed me...remember when it was discovered that Julia #69 and Carp councilman Joe were having a fling? well, look at this's the opening cerremony for an Orcutt the pic are #69 and north county supervisor Steve Lavagnino..I think that's cougar Julia but maybe I'm wrong...but if it is, I would say WATCH OUT STEVE could end up in a ditch too!

ya got to have friends
it's Tueday and NO EDITORIAL!!! I'm getting very concerned about the News-Press editorial writer Lanny Ebenstein, so I checked his Facebook page out...let's see, he's friends with Don Katich still, that's good.....yooowwza, there's Lucy Sharon Byrnes the anti-homeless chick who lost the last city council election because she dint know how to organize

...there's Lanny's bud Grant House! there's Dr. Dan...there's ol' Clark VanDeventer, the Jesus dude who lost an election awhile back who looks like he's taken up drinking!! Clark says he likes raising money for non-profits because it's "cash in my pocket"....Clark has a blog on Family, somebody is paying for the taxes that tax exempt organizations don't pay!! and that's not good...

there's Andy Coffin, the guy who heads Bravo TV, the Reagan Ranch Center and YMAF..and Noozhawk guy William McFadyen..I bet these two talk about drugs alot!!

but I don't see among Lanny's friends Nipper or Wendy...hmmmmm ..and there seems to be some in-court conservatorship matters with Lanny coming up..maybe Lanny's just too busy to write lies about public workers anymore

blood on the tracks
there is an auction that the Reagan Foundation wasn't too thrilled about..apparently someone is auctioning off some of Ron's blood..the Young Miss America Foundation claims no responsibility for the auction, but one youngster said she'd drink his blood to ward off liberals

LOS ANGELES, May 21 (Reuters) - Ronald Reagan's foundation expressed outrage on Monday at a British company's auction of what it says is a vial of the late U.S. president's blood taken at the hospital where he was treated after a 1981 assassination attempt
PFC Auctions, a company based in Guernsey in the United Kingdom, announced on Sunday that it would sell the vial of blood in an online auction set to end on Thursday.

Hell on wheels
well I don't know what SB mayor Helene's thinking sometimes, but the girl's got moxy!! I think everyone should stop fighting her and let her have her way with Santa Barbara...her will is too strong

and the liquor issue in the valley is getting worse....the wineries offering wine tasting 24 hours a day it seems. and the Indians wanting to exapnd their liquor selling abilites with a liquor license..why do businesses need a license to sell liquor?? well, when I was in the restaurant biz, owners always wanted a liquor license to get more can't bring customers in on food, beer and wine when they want martinis and, I got no problem with drinking..people find out soon enough what they can issue is with drinking and driving.....some folks drink so much they think they can drive impaired and the next thing you know someone's dead again on the Chumash Highway of Death....

but I have no problem with the casino getting a liquor long as the demand is there for stupid entertainment, the casino will be popular

and why did that black girl who killed a DA while driving drunk on the Chumash Highway of Death get more prison time than that white lady who killed someone while driving drunk on the Pass???

black lady: Weapon: Automobile; Alcohol involved
Suspect: Sentenced to 15 to life in prison

white lady: Weapon: Automobile; Alcohol involved
Suspect: Sentenced to one year in prison

probably because the white lady drank White Russians...


Anonymous said...

That's brilliant >>> "somebody is paying for the taxes that tax exempt organizations don't pay!!"

And thanks for pointing out the white vs. black sentencing disparity. Wow! Racists or what.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Bricks work all over the world. Stamped concrete on CARillo is having problems. Rumor is CAB is digging up the bricks because they want to foil "The Plan."

Anonymous said...

Always felt bad forthat black girl who got nailed so badly over that accident. Dont forget, too, she killed some beloved public defender or police department chick, too. So there was that whole, oh we are brotherhood of law protectors crap. Frankly, any barender that serves someone 14 rum and cokes and let's them drive off are assessories after the fact in my eyes. Apparently they 'tried, to take her keys. Bid fucking deal how hard could they have tried? How hard is To take some obliterated girls keys. If they had thought of calling a cop BEFORE she drove off smashed, that girl would not have had her life ruined. Yep, a black person in SB county (do they even exist?) That'll teach em.