Tuesday, May 22, 2012

total eclipse of the heart

another roadside attraction

first I went up the hill towards Ojai to get some sun...I was very pleased to see the thistle growing strong with silver seeds ready to float away..I touched the feathery mass and was surprised at how sticky and strong it was....Mother Nature always knows best....then I see some California poppies looking nice...growing well with the thistle and fennel...there's a narrative in these roadside flowers...there's a raw beauty and survival story here....and oh look...there's some plastic bags on the side of the road....one is from Walmart...

I prefer lizards, fennel and purple thistle to plastic bags on the side of the road...there's a parable in the narrative...I prefer Sears to Walmart..I plan to take these plastic bags, wad them up, and shove them down SB city councilman Frank Hotchkiss' throat!

well, I watched the dark shadows creep over Carp as the eclipse event passed thru...it was pretty cool...I looked at the sun and nearly went blind for a few hours..it was a nice little respite from reality...so then I got two pieces of cardboard and poked a hole in one and held them both up to the sun....and all I saw was the sun shining thru a hole in a piece of cardboard..I've never felt so foolish

then I take a magnifying glass and try to burn the cardboard for making me feel stupid..it worked!!

then I took some pictures of the sun...I didn't notice anything until I looked at one picture and I see the eclipse happening in the photo!!

it seems something in the camera lens, a prism or whatever, allowed the sun and the moon to be seen in two separate areas of the photo..it was weird a bunch of color overtones capturing the eclipse..you can see the actual eclipse in the frame......I don't how this happened, there's some lens refracting principle at work here...

there's more to the picture than meets the eye.....

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