Monday, May 28, 2012

the smoker you drink

don't be an idiot..VOTE YES ON 29!!

ok so Little Orphan Andy opposes the cigarette tax...why? because it's a tax...considering the amount of cigarette butts on the ground and stinky smoke in the air, I think you should pay $20 per pack...that includes all the time spent picking up the junkies' litter...Carp a has a ban against public smoking..GOOD..there's no reason to smoke anymore..none whatsoever..if you  have an oral fixation, get some therapy..if you are constantly sucking on a cigar or cigarette, you may be gay, guys..think about it next time you take a smoke break with your guy pal, you little faggots....Little Orphan Andy may be latent gay!!

now I don't really care where the money goes, but sin taxes are a good thing...if you can't control your addictions, why should I subsidize your sinny behavior?? you should pay, not me..

now, as to Andy's writing ability....well, gee...I'm starting to miss Terry least Tyler had an education..

Andy says he doesn't want to be singled out and "punitively punished" for bad or risky behavior..."punitively punished" ?? in other words "punished in a punishing manner"....

I think Andy needs a remedial English grammar course! see Jane run..see Jane run up a hill.... see Jane put a cigarette in her mouth..hey that ain't no cigarette!! GO JANE!!

so the obvious answer to all these questions posed by the News-Press dummies is to vote YES ON 29... that is VOTE YES ON 29 IN AN AFFIRMATIVE MANNER!! or you will be punitively punished by the punishers..
and all the NO on Prop 29 ads are paid for by RJ Reynolds know them: Winston tastes good like a ..cigarette should..

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