Friday, September 12, 2014

Baby Driver

I wonder how your engines feel..

CHEERS! Santa just got robbed

so the City of Santa Barbara sent out a message to drunk drivers, including ones who drive on suspended licenses for previous DUI offenses: you can drive drunk, you may get arrested and become belligerent, but if the cops arrest you and use their training, you can sue the city for civil rights violations and make some quick cash, because the city will pay you, with taxpayer money!!

that's the message...DUI attys can legally extort money from the City of Santa Barbara and the city atty's and administrators and City Council will pay!!

I am completely disgusted the city settled with these clowns instead of calling their bluff..and the taxpayers should be upset too...drunk drivers will be very'll be happy hour all the time in Santa Barbara

so I've designed a new logo for the City of Santa Barbara

the News-Press had the story because of Darryl's cozy relationship with Scott Steepleton and though was not written by Scott Steepleton, I can guess it was and probably under a can't fool me, fool

but according to the report, Darryl says that one gal Britteny was leaving a party and fleeing a robbery with her boyfriend..somebody was trying to rob them and she hit a car..then the cops busted her for DUI and broke her arm...had this gone to trial, the real story would have come out, but instead the city just settled!! unbelieveable...fleeing a robbery??? they can make up whatever a story they want if they aren't under oath!

and for Tony Denunzio getting some cash for his arrrest and blood sample!!

so the settlement is $177000 plus or minus $43000..that's cut three ways: $59000 for Darryl, $59000 for Tony and $59000 for Britteny plus the leftovers

Brittney? Britteny? Brittany? I'm all confused

this new attorney for the city, this Ariel creepy..he seems like he's asleep most of the time....and he's giving away your tax money

why work for a living when you can just get drunk and sue!!!!

my God what a scam this is..the City of Santa Barbara and the council should be ashamed of themselves for settling with these losers, Darryl, Tony and Brittany....

I'm ashamed of all of you

and the kicker is Tony Denunzio is in the courts again for being drunk and stupid at the Harbor!!! (allegedly)

why not just give him the Key to the City!!!

and I see some stories that former News-Press employee Kimberly Jesus Kreist was charged for some felony and misdemeanor DUI charges in the deadly highway crash some months ago but they didn't think a manslaughter charge was appropriate...naw, she was just driving along at night high on drugs and alcohol, and smashed into the already crashed car in front of honest mistake

don't worry Jesus, just sue the city and county for civil rights violations and you'll make a fortune



Monk said...

These are surprising settlements.

At least in the Officer Tudor pursuit of Denunzio one factor in the settlement may be that the officer had seemingly been lying in wait.

Notice in the first few moments of the video that the officer rushes out of the bushes to reportedly chase a vehicle with a missing front license plate. That just does not seem right. So there is probably more to this than anyone wants to come out. 'You don't come to court with dirty hands.'

So the city settles even though Denunzio can be seen on video making several illegal lane changes, possibly speeding, and obviously giving a figurative FUCK YOU to Officer Tudor by walking away from his commands to stop.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ann,

Why is it that Denunzio has his mugg plastered all over the 'media' but not even a mug shot of Britt Cotledge?