Saturday, September 27, 2014

Black Magic Woman

got me so blind, I can't see

so I'm looking out over the ocean and I see a multi-colored van pull over to the side of the's got "Ron Deblauw for Assembly" written all over it....proud veteran and blah blah the van pulls over to the side of Via Real in Carp and parks illegally blocking the bike lane..then two people get out..a guy and a gal..then they proceed to unload a huge sign attached to some boards..

then the guy pulls out a drill and attaches the sign to the chain-link fence between Highway 101 and Via Real

I would think that defacing public property is a crime...and a distraction to drivers on 101!

"California law exempts campaign signs from the "Outdoor Advertising" laws and regulations, provided that the signs are posted on private property, are less than 32 square feet in size, are posted no earlier than 90 days before the election, and are removed within 10 days after the election. To comply with the law, candidates must file a "Statement of Responsibility" with the Department of Transportation, acknowledging that they are responsible for any costs for removing signs that are not removed within 10 days after the election."

Does it make sense to vote for unethical candidates who abuse public resources by posting their signs on public property? Certainly not!

well, the sign won't last long as I'll ask the authorities to remove it..if they don't I will...I don't appreciate idiots coming into my neighborhood and littering.

ok so who is this jackass Deblauw? I do a google search and he's the guy who was on Mr. Wimpy's Show (Gramma Wimpy)..he's running for the state assembly against Das Williams....

ok he'll lose....everyone, every last conservative teabagger that appears on Mr.Wimpy's show loses because they are all losers..

and we got a guy putting up signs like a thief in the night!!

ok now I don't know what Ron does for a living but he was with a chick and she has a web page...she's involved with the Ventura Life Improvement Center where she "teaches" hypnotherapy, human sexuality, sexual problems, age regression and brainspotting...she's got a psychology degree from Brazil...maybe she hypnotized ol' Ron Deblah!!!

well WTF is brainspotting?? real psychotherapists don't use brainspotting as any type of legit's quackery...nonsense and it pisses me off these people do this....most of this crap is pushed by phony life coaches, motivational speakers, and the like...the guy who founded brainspotting has a degree from "International University"....

these people are con artists!!!!

ok so this dud Deblauw fell for a Brazilian chick..he's under her spell.... but he still doesn't have chance against Das Williams...

and if you spot a brain in these teabag conservatives, please let me know

update: so Sunday morning I notice the big sign on the chain-link fence by Via Real is gone..I guess Ron and the Black Magic Woman came back last night and removed it..hahaha!

hey Ron, there's plenty of conservatives  in Carp that would gladly put your sign on their PRIVATE chainlink fence...key word: PRIVATE

but then I see little sign across the highway on Carp Ave!! public land!!  geez, what a dickhead this Ron Deblauw is...dude, the message is this: I don't care what office you run for, just DON'T FUCKING LITTER UP my neighborhood!!!

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This was great reporting!