Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Rocky Mountain Way

time to change the batter

Colorado is a fabled place...natural beauty, the mountains, the songs....but there has been an influx of teabaggers who have moved into instant pre-fabbed communities...communities that are very un-Colorado like....

Michelle Malkin in one such ultra- conservative Jap  religious fanatic  pro-pot teabagger...I can't believe newspapers still print her hysteria

Michelle is often on Sean Hannity's FOX show spouting off some anti-gov't nonsense..both Sean and Michelle would rather be little zombies for Rupert Murdoch...and his money

ok so the teabaggers are trying to turn this into a Teachers' Union thing...the teachers are using the students as pawns to get more money and force Common Core on the kids..the conservatives think Common Core is a commie plot because it encourages free thinking and discourages ignorance and because it was thunk up by Bill Gates, the genius Microsoft guy who is a liberal....I've said it before, Gates and Steve Jobs tipped the balance of power back to the working class.....the do it yourself spirit..now it 's possible to fight the wealthy who abuse power like say Wendy..

remember the old adage: never pick a fight with someone who owns ink by the barrel....well that's a dumb notion...you should always fight for what's right and now with computers and the internet, you can speak out and cut through the bullshit and right quick..besides, Wendy's got ink by the pint nowadays! hahahaah!!!

and the reason many conservatives home school is to pass their ignorance on to their kids.... and the fact is they don't get Common Core...why would they not want kids to learn practical aspects of math and English which is what CC is about..

but Michelle doesn't think the issue is about censorship...

The protests are aimed at new JeffCo School Board member Julie Williams’ proposal, which states, in part: "Materials should promote citizenship, patriotism, essentials and benefits of the free enterprise system, respect for authority and respect for individual rights. Materials should not encourage or condone civil disorder, social strife or disregard of the law. Instructional materials should present positive aspects of the United States and its heritage."

the conservative Board of Education wants to leave certain aspects of history out of the curriculum so as not to put conservatives in a bad light...I don't know why they think they could ever get away with that....history happened..you can't rewrite it..it's not healthy to just look at things that make us comfy....you need to look at the whole..the Gestalt...don't be afraid...America can stand up to scrutiny otherwise we have a dictatorship like at the News-Press...and that ain't gonna work at public schools..

the Jeffco school board has a conservative a majority and is trying to pull a fast one on the students...and trying to get more money for charter schools, and trying to bust the Teacher's Union....

so I check out this Julie Williams and as suspected she's a fat lazy conservative teabagger...look at her and her piggie supporters!! Colorado has all this open space where you can ride horses and get exercise so how is it that Julie Williams is a big fat slob of a woman??

with a mullet no less!! 

I may have to take a trip to Colorado and check this bag out


Anonymous said...

Julies hair styled by Geoff of Lompoc?

Anonymous said...

What is it with these tear-down conservatives? All they know how to do it is attack, like Wendy and her terrible editorial writers and "news" writers like Scott Steepleton. These people have no vision, no ideas, no creativity -- and this is displayed by the fact that all they can do is attack, attack, attack. Let's see them put forth some ideas, put plans into action, to form new organizations that help better the community. No, all they seem to be able to do is organize themselves into hate groups that lurk behind a thinly-veiled agenda of WE HATE THE LESS FORTUNATE BECAUSE THEY ARE MINORITIES. That is all wealthy people like Wendy McCaw call rally up with their money and influence? It's pathetic. Her newspaper does nothing but attack and nothing to promote answers because these people have no answers -- they so focused on their fear and hatred of seeing their homogenous white world becoming integrated and change. It's sad. But even more so, it's frightening to see how these backwards pockets of old-world reactionaries waste resources to promote their outdated agendas. Luckily they haven't figured out that paper presses are meaningless and how to use the new media to any affect. Certainly not from looking at their websites!

Anonymous said...

It's funny how Santa Barbara has two publishing "tycoons," (I'll give that title to one of them): Wendy McCaw and Sara Miller McCune. Yet the two couldn't be more diametrically opposed -- one devoting herself to an educated pursuit of progressive solutions to the world's problems and the other devoted to this cranky 19th Century robber-baron attitude of entitlement of the wealthy. McCaw is the Anti-McCune of the publishing world and it's sad we're saddled with her as a publisher. Anyone like McCaw who mistakes the sensationalist yellow journalism of her paper or the speakers she hires for these Republican "lectures" (I use the term lightly) should not be producing a local newspaper for an educated community like Santa Barbara. Let's hope she straps an assault rifle to her waist and moves to the Bible Belt where she'd be appreciated more.

Anonymous said...

The News Press these days is awful. It looks like an amateur production. Just terrible to read and hold in your hands. We're cancelling soon.