Thursday, September 18, 2014

Shake Down Street

tell me this town ain't got no heart... well, well, well, you can never tell

do I see a pattern here? wealthy city attracts lawsuits for civil rights issues against cops (happens all the time) and safety issues supposedly the city caused.... there's a cottage industry from New York to Dallas to Santa Barbara...created by lawyers to sue cities for all sorts of perceived violations of the heart...and cities are shelling out millions to settle...why? I don't know but it's up to the citizens to stop this shake-down..

some lawyers are good and ethical but others and you know who I mean are let's lose these retards...what say??

-blind guy takes long walk off short pier and sues city

-drunk guy resists arrest gets smacked down and sues city

-skinny city girl crashes her car into car, resists arrest and sues city

-"musician" crashes bike on city street and blames sidewalk, then sues city

rich bitch buys Santa Barbara News-Press with ex-husband's money and DESTROYS about a shake down!! remember when Wendy sued the city for a Brown Act violation..and remember when Wendy was suing everyone for anything???

and someone is trying to shake down Wendy on EBAY!

how about a little tort reform...stem the tide of frivolous and excessive litigation....

"My eyes glaze over as I observe the seemingly unending stream of TV advertising by local attorneys seeking out would-be injured "victims" of penny-pinching medical and casualty insurance companies, incompetent medical providers and any other enterprise suspected of "unfair" treatment of innocent citizens. The motivation of many of these bottom feeders is quite clear. There is much money to be made by suing individuals and companies for damages — real or not — under the U.S. tort law system. This system, badly in need of reform, essentially provides a low- or zero-risk gamble by plaintiff’s attorneys — and their supposedly victimized clients — to secure large monetary settlements from the defendants"

that sounds like a just cause to me!

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Anonymous said...

Oh you don't know what you're talking about. You'll want a trial lawyer when a brutish cop snaps your arm in two, or tasered multiple times even thought your on the ground prostrate, or assaults your civil rights and ass on a rural road, or when a hot tub manufactures pump sucks your childs insides out, or a company pollutes your ground water and air causing a cancer cluster, a drug manufacture knowingly sells a diabetes drug that causes bladder cancer, or another drug sells a cholesterol drug that causes liver damage, or when a car company sells you a piece of shit that explodes or doesn't stop, etc etc etc