Sunday, September 28, 2014

you wreck me, baby

yeah, you break me in two

beware of Islamic militant lesbians.... well that's the message I got from reading the News-Press on Sunday....

first we have a new LESBIAN rector at All Saints by the Sea church in Montecito... Noozhawk had the story two weeks ago.... Wendy, why not buy Noozhawk and call it "Noozpress Hawks at Mission and State" Wendy McCuckoo- co-publisher;  Billy Mac-co-publisher;, co-dependents waiting for a train!! hahahaha!!

NP-"After a tragedy struck All Saints-By-The-Sea Episcopal Church two years ago, the church was left searching for a new rector. The church leadership happily announced recently that it found a skilled rector in Chicago who is a perfect fit in regards to the church's search profile. The Rev. Aimee Eyer-Delevett will take her new position as rector of All Saints Dec. 7. She has served as the rector of the Church of the Holy Nativity in Clarendon Hills.."

and Aimee graduated from Wellesley, a private all female college where they obviously turned her gay

the church is located on Eucalyptus Lane by the Miramar...beautiful little church where Serendipity sleeps, and Providence sings....

now I've seen some of the church leaders..the ladies and they look like dykes to me..nice gals but definitely butch...and of course the church had issues with one of the gardeners abusing a little girl...Deacon Ann Symington and the Montecito Journal supported the guy who pled guilty to false imprisonmnet of a child..real nice scumbags...and when I told Deacon Ann I was gonna investigate her, she and hubby Fife and her 32 year old son skipped town to Hawaii!! good riddance!

it just proves nothing can tarnish this great little church by the sea because there's folks in Montecito watching over it....although some left the congregation because they can't deal with a lesbian rector and really who can blame them.....churchgoers, watch your daughters

next, we have the News-Press/Wendy promoting rightwing propaganda faster than a bullet train..WHOOOOSH!!!

NP-"a presentation geared to students from across the country, the Young America's Foundation hosted the Great Beginnings Seminar on Friday and Saturday at the Reagan Ranch Center. The seminar featured speakers Robert Spencer, a columnist and author of several books on Islam and jihad, Alex Marlow, editor-in-chief of Breitbart News, and several other conservative leaders"

Islam? jihad? Breitbart?? lesbian rectors?

no wonder Republicans are so troubled!!

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Anonymous said...

I think the News-Press need to run more stories about the Reagan Ranch Republican get togethers. One every other day is hardly enough. I thought when she fired all those writers it was because THEY were being biased. What a laugh. Don't they have anything better to report on than this drivel?