Saturday, September 13, 2014

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sisters fled by confusion boats....

ok I think it all come down to the judges...and lawyers...When I look at this justice system, I see that swift justice is not a priority...some cases that should be resolved in a few months go on for years and criminal prosecutions, the right to a speedy and public trial is a Sixth Amendment provision..

but I don't see lawyers and judges hurrying up they always continue things, sometimes six months down the road...then another six months

looking at the court calenders there are thousands of pending cases, backed up and some never to be resolved..they stay in the courts forever and ever, amen

now I know a judge who recently retired..she and her lawyer husband own a condo and rent it out...some of her renters were morons and gang members...she recently installed a satellite dish on the chimney without the HOA the HOA forced her to take it down..remember this if nothing else: you don't mess with the COMMON AREA!!!

anyway, I lost all respect for her..some judges and lawyers apparently think the rules don't apply to them!

so we got a problem in the system..lazy judges and fat stupid lawyers..this is unacceptable...

so any judge can be undressed in the Robing Room..not literally of can read the feedback from the folks who dealt with them...some of the judges appear not to have a clue about how poorly they are doing....

here's a few comments about Judge Wu...he's one of the judges who ruled in favor of Tony Denunzio, the chronic drunk and guy who was convicted of battery...and his lawyer Darryl who obviously earned his judicial kneepads with these faggy judges
Judge Wu has a reputation among some federal prosecutors of being very lenient when it comes to sentencing in criminal matters, as well as being very arrogant on the bench. My experiences confirm this. If you are a criminal who is convicted by a jury and the day of sentencing comes, you would be very fortunate to be standing before Judge Wu. You won' get a better deal anywhere.

If you are a little guy and want justice, stay away from Judge Wu. Justice is not an issue in his court room. If you, as defendant, have money and fancy attorneys, he is your man

Loves to hear himself talk. If you get 5 words out before he interrupts, you're doing well. Too many status conferences, which runs up the bill.

He maintains a friendly courtroom demeanor with an excellent clerk, but he is otherwise a disaster. He micromanages to a degree that his calendar is always overfull with return hearings. As a result, he is never prepared for argument, and has rarely read any of the papers. He wings everything, including criminal sentencing, which is a disgrace. He makes up for this by invariably sentencing for less than the proposed term, for the most peculiar reasons. In civil cases, he is the most plaintiff-favorable judge in the District Court, perhaps because he is naturally indecisive, and so reasons that he'll not be overturned by keeping the case alive. He is very intelligent, and has the ability to be very, very much better than he presently is. He is a great disappointment

so who reviews these judges? or are they just allowed to run a wild goose chase in search of real justice....

when the City of Santa Barbara can give away free taxpayer money to drunken criminals, there needs to be an investigation...I'll try to get to the bottom of this muck

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