Friday, September 19, 2014

Honky Tonk Women

gimme gimme gimme the honky tonk blues

well I'm reading Noozhawk and I see a public announcment from Animal Rescue know Julia #69's nonprofit...and the name I see on the news release is Valerie this the same Valerie who was involved in the sexting scandal with  county undersheriff Jim Peterson, I wonder aloud

I guess Valerie was under the sheriff for a time and then decided to sue the county for sexual harrassment...the county settled with her for what $30000?? the taxpayers paid her to have sex with the undersheriff Jim !! geez, can't he pay for his own ho??

so I guess now Valerie hooked up with Julia to rescue animals and they want everyone to watch out for wildlife on the road...someone hit and killed a bear recently....I think they call it roadkill....but with the drought upon us, the animals are coming down from the hills to seek water and food...

so with the new law for bicylists-the new 3 ft law- I think we can extrend that to bears and such...bears and bikes are no match for a 5000 lb vehicle and I know conservatives hate the new law and are too lazy to brake and move over, but shit, at least TRY!!!

va va va  voom!!

ok so I know Julia hooked up with ex- Carp  DUI councilman  Joe Armendariz a while back... I don't think she sued him but  I think their safe word was "FURRY"

what's up with the nonprofit Animal Rescue Team and these two floozies??? does ART double as a brothel now???

geez, even a bear has more discretion than these two tramps...these  honky tonk women!

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