Tuesday, June 11, 2013

29 palms

A fool in love - a crazy situation
Her velvet glove knocks me down and down and down
Her kiss of fire - a loaded invitation
Inside her smile she takes me down and down and down

where are the birds??
well I went down to check out the Carpinteria Salt Marsh...the city was trimming palm trees...I counted 29 palms...but first I stopped by Ten Rub Towers to see an old flame...29 Palms - I feel the heat of your desert heart...Taking me back down the road that leads back to you...

I heard rumors that a recent sandbar at the mouth of the salt marsh has stopped the tidal flows into parts of the marsh.... so I started at the south entrance and worked my way down to the UCSB ecological study area on Estero Way...

my first impressions are there's a bunch of new native plants that are dying...and I saw one shorebird...ONE!! and the channels do look stagnant and filled with algae, but not too bad and it smelled pretty good, like the beach...but the idea of the bionativists was all these new native plants would attract native wildlife but that's just baloney...native wildlife also seek non-native plants...the bastard plants have properties that protect the wildlife....man oh man these biologists are dumb as a bag of sand!!

and I am concerned....I remember a few years ago they trucked in tons of fill dirt to raise a berm and construct a pedestrian bridge...I'm concerned with the development of expensive beach houses so close to the marsh....

I'm concerned with all the beach nourishment projects...here and in Santa Barbara

but mostly I'm concerned with all the entities that now own or have a stake in this marsh....too many cooks spoil the broth and too many environmentalists may be killing the marsh...the California Coastal Conservancy, the Land Trust of Santa Barbara, UCSB and many others have "restored" the marsh....and they keep restoring it..and that's the problem...the  Land Trust of Santa Barbara..a non-profit I'm gonna look into..they got too much money and power

no guns? no birds either!! nice work, UCSB
years ago the City of Carp spearheaded the move to save the marsh and they did a good job with some help from a few agencies....but as the years passed more and more agencies with crazy ideas hijacked the marsh..they went nuts with ripping out non-natives, planting natives, erecting berms, allowing construction....

I think at some point the birds said ENOUGH!!! and just flew away, hoping for the day when these entities would die thus returning the marsh to it's original owners..all the birds- plants- sea creatures that have no issues with nativism or biodiversity but have a huge stake in the marsh's survival..

now I hear from the Coastal View they want the Army Corps of Engineers to"fix" the sand bar issue in Carp.....just like they fixed the beach in Santa Barbara by the wharf?? just like they fixed the levees in Lousiana....

yes, I'm very concerned..
and that one shorebird.... I saw a touch of desperation in her eyes from where I stood...

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