Wednesday, June 12, 2013

send in the clowns

don't bother they're here

so we have this punk white guy, a former NSA contractor who cowardly fled to Hong Kong before disclosing he was behind the leak of top secret US spying programs, is now an alleged target of US drone strike! a drone strike..I can't make this stuff up..send in the drones..this guy, Edward Snowden says he leaked details of US program harvesting internet and phone records to protect basic liberties...well spying has been going on forever so I don't know what his problem is...I'm online right now and the Feds may be watching me but I don't care.. I got nothing to hide..I'm not a terrorist or a traitor like Snowden....and those naked chicks I was looking at are over 18, so I'm not worried..err, too worried...well now I'm worried

now if I could get some drones to strike drunk drivers, that would be cool!

so I see a pothead has endorsed Frank Hothckiss....Lanny Ebenstein of the News-Press says Frank is a spiritual man and credits him with saving Santa Barbara...Frank did this single-handedly by ridding the streets of homeless raggedy people, getting rid of 81 city workers, (they probably retired) adding more money to the coffers by allowing Carnival Cruise ships to dock off shore...I like to call these ships giant floating Vessels of Dysentery ....

but ok Frank all by himself improved the economy, the TOT, the housing market is up because of Frank and... and... and he gave us the bull market..stocks are riding high..thanks Frank!!!

and according to reefer dude Lanny, Frank is the kinda guy who would give you the shirt off his why would anyone want to wear a used Frank Hotchkiss shirt? maybe Lanny would because maybe Lanny is gay!!

well there's nothing wrong with that but there is something with Lanny...he claims to be a teacher at UCSB but obviously he's not an English teacher...look at the ?? sentence structure and see if you can figure it out... "whereby unless" WTF is that?

no I can't vote in Santa Barbara elections but Frank has a good shot at being elected...mainly because he's entertaining..I like the back and forth between him and Cathy, the fat councilmembers must guide the city through rough seas, represent the voters..but most of all they must be entertaining....

and we have a few jokers running this time around....

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