Monday, June 24, 2013

jam up and jelly tight

Jam up and jelly tight. My, my, my baby. Now you're outta sight. Jam up and jelly tight. You look a little naughty. But you're so polite. Jam up and jelly tight

so in the News-Press Style/Salon section I see two blondes who share a sense of style and tell you about it on their blog, Golden White Decor...

you wanna see some white?? c'mon baby I'll show you some white!!

the story was about the gals and how they can help unclutter your computer desk, as you can see by the picture of one gal at her computer...see how nice white and clean everything is?

you know what I notice? I notice a pussy riot..I can almost see some fine white Montecito pussy because her skirt is riding pretty high, which is what I'd be doing now if she would come over and clean my desk, and clean my clock while she's at it!!

oh I almost forgitted! the girls like to stay positive on their blog, they love that scammer preacher goofball Joel Osteen... and they "reap what they sew".... sew?? oh, I guess they make clothes too!!

wow! hey why doesn't the News-Press do a story on my blog?? c'mon Wendy, I'm waiting for a blonde..any blonde...

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Anonymous said...

this np article is just so sick