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it's bad enough we have the News-Press advocating drug use, it's bad enough when Elings Park has a Tequila Festival, it's bad enough we have wine tasting rooms proliferating like zits on my bum, but the pro-drug use column by John Stossel in yesterday's News-Press was just crazy....

they want to legalize crack, meth and a host of other drugs for "recreational use" them that's the ultimate get wasted...just ask Wendy's pal Michael Douglas about his son Cameron's drug use...Cameron is in jail for dealing and using heroin... or how about Nipper, how does he feel about heroin addiction?? he lost his son to the editorials on that, guys??

how irresponsible can these people low has the News-Press sunk??

so Stossel cites a study by a guy, a supposed psychologist named Dr.Carl Hart from Columbia University to argue that illegal drugs aren't really so bad after all..

here's some sound advice from Dr. Meth, as he is called

So you wouldn’t say that methamphetamine is more dangerous or worse for you than marijuana, alcohol, cocaine, or Adderall?
I wouldn’t say that generally, no. But I would say that with unrestricted use, marijuana you might be ok. Unrestricted use of amphetamines you would get into more trouble. Unrestricted use of heroin, it depends on how you’re doing it, because if you’re injecting typically your veins will collapse and that will save you at some level, so even with that you might be ok. But with amphetamines, paranoia can develop if you take large doses over extended periods of time, so no I wouldn’t say that one is less dangerous than the other, but with unrestricted use you might want to stay with marijuana.

Will meth cause someone to engage in outrageous sexual behavior?
Yeah, that’s crazy. The bottom line is this, amphetamines are good drugs, whether they’re methamphetamine or d-amphetamine, good drugs to make people more alert, to improve their performance; you know, particularly performance that’s been disrupted, so you can last longer, stay awake longer. So all of those kinds of things are advantageous for people who are going to engage in sex as well as other behaviors. Cocaine will do the same thing, except cocaine’s effects won’t last as long.

So smoking crystal meth could possibly be… beneficial?
You know I think that theoretically yeah, I can’t argue with that. But the likelihood of that happening of course is low.

What many Americans, including many scientists, think they know about drugs is turning out to be totally wrong. For decades, drug war propaganda has brainwashed Americans into blaming drugs for problems ranging from crime to economic deprivation. In his new book High Price: A Neuroscientist's Journey of Self-Discovery That Challenges Everything You Know About Drugs and Society, Carl Hart blows apart the most common myths about drugs and their impact on society, drawing in part on his personal experience growing up in an impoverished Miami neighborhood. Hart has used marijuana and cocaine, carried guns, sold drugs, and participated in other petty crime, like shoplifting. A combination of what he calls choice and chance brought him to the AIr Force and college, and finally made him the first black, tenured professor of sciences at Columbia University..

and he's a crackhead!!! hahaha

ok so that's an example of a guy who's shouldn't be in the psychology profession...he's a quack

and folks who can't deal with reality are usually the ones who are chasing's all in the psychology's wisdom in the books

people who feel inferior, like Stossel who's always complaining about the gov't is after him are the cocaine users...initailly, coke makes you feel better about yourself,'s a fake stimulant that wears off..then you're back to square you really need to discover why you need drugs in the first place..and that takes some real inner work...some effort and some guts

now remember when Richard Pryor was free-basing crack and he lit himself on fire? cocaine use inceases paranoia, destroys nasal passages, and has no redeeming qualities at all....

yet people are addicted to it and still use it, esp the white collar wealthy set...

hard working Americans don't spend time doing drugs..they got kids and mortgages and they get up and go to work everyday...

the other guys, like Stosell don't work for a living..they are the parasites who sit around and get high and whine about gov't interfering with their right to get high...

I'm with Nancy Reagan on this one: just say no

Stossel is a very creepy guy, a freak, a poof..does he think we're gonna give up the war on drugs and start legalizing meth and crack??

not on my watch

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