Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Kill Bill:

Vol 1

with FOX NEWS calling everything that comes out of the White House a scandal, and O'Reilly dissing France for not following us into the Iraq disaster, I can say unequivocally that FOX NEWS in and of itself is a scandal..and one more of Ruppie's "journalists" was just arrested-the latest in Rupert Murdoch's  continuing hacking and bribery disgrace

Bill and Rob..birdbrains of a feather!!
so what about Bill O' does he keep squeaking by with all his nonsense? first the sex harassment scandal, and now his "books" that come out seemingly weekly..

what about Killing Lincoln....and Killing Kennedy... and Killing Jesus.. and the Nat Geo channel producing Killing Lincoln..a docu-drama of sorts...well all these killing books were written by Bill O'Reilly from FOX NEWS...Bill's boss is Rupert Murdoch, one of the most corrupt publishers in the Wendy!!

so O'Reilly says he wrote all these books with a co-writer...I watched Killing Lincoln on the Nat Geo Channel..five minutes anyway...that's all I could was just so was narrated by Tom Hanks, who looked like hostage forced to talk to the camera...bad move for Hanks...

and now Bill's got Wendy's pal Rob Lowe, no stranger to sex scandals, playing a role in Bill's little kill fantasies!!

a critic: Too bad so many talented people whom I respect and National Geographic a cable channel I respect should make a docudrama from a book "co-written" by Bill O’Reilly. And given the existence of a certain book titled "The Day Lincoln Was Shot," written by Jim Bishop (in the late 1950s or so) and the subsequent live presentation on TV (with Jack Lemmon as John Wilkes Booth)and a tv movie version made about 10 years ago, O’Reilly’s book deserves to be investigated as a case of possible and blatant plagerism …

hmmm...plagerism....I don't doubt that for a minute...plagerized some and screwed up the rest:

O’Reilly, a former high school history teacher in the 1970s, prefaces Killing Lincoln with a special note to his readers: "The story you are about to read is true and truly shocking." No stranger to hyperbolic posturings, however, the fact that the statement isn’t entirely factual isn’t shocking. Upon reviewing O’Reilly and co-author Martin Dugard’s book, the National Parks Service, which manages Ford’s Theatre, banned it from one of its bookshops citing ten different errors, one of which was repeated multiple times within the book.

The right-wing talk show host came under scrutiny from historians and book critics — several noting the mentions of President Lincoln in the Oval Office, which wasn’t even constructed until forty-four years after his assassination.

The late Jim Bishop, a veteran newspaperman who once reported for the New York Daily News and later was a syndicated columnist, saw his book "The Day Lincoln Was Shot" become a runaway best-seller in 1955.

A series of similar-themed books followed, with Bishop penning "The Day Christ Died" in 1957 and then in 1968 "The Day Kennedy Was Shot" — a minute-by-minute account of JFK's 1963 shooting in Dallas.
Perhaps his most critically acclaimed book, "FDR'S Last Year," came out in 1984.

The parallels with O'Reilly are uncanny.

In 2011 O'Reilly penned a book about Lincoln, "Killing Lincoln: The Shocking Assassination That Changed America Forever." The book, co-authored with Martin Dugard, became a New York Times best-seller with more than 5 million copies sold.

Last October, O'Reilly and Dugard followed up with "Killing Kennedy: The End of Camelot," which debunks many of the conspiracy myths holding that Lee Harvey Oswald did not act alone in the assassination of the president.

It too became an instant best-seller, and in fact remains No. 1 on in several categories.
Now O'Reilly has announced that, like Bishop, he will write a book about Jesus Christ. Titled "Killing Jesus," it will recount the life and times of Jesus and the Christian legacy he left behind.

O'Reilly and Lowe...what a couple of  hacks these guys are!

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Sometimes I think there is one one sane person in all of Santa Barbara/Montecito/Carpinteria --- YOU! Funny stuff!