Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Highway to Hell

I'm on the highway to hell / No stop signs... I'm on the highway to hell / ( Don't stop me) / And I'm going down, all the way down / I'm on the highway to hell.

well here's two stupid stories if I ever saw two stupid stories..some actor on a soap opera won an Emmy Award...he lives in Summerland and Scott Steepleton put it on the front page of the News-Press! well, who the fuck cares?? not I certainly..

then we have the case of poor Simon Chavez who wandered onto Highway 101 in the wee hours whilst boozed and plastered out of his mind, then he got hit and killed by some gook who was driving back from the casino..the gook is in jail for felony hit and run...I think that's fair because if he had hit a dog he would have stopped, picked it up , brought it home and cooked it for dinner!

but anyway Simon's mom is suing the cab driver who gave her drunk son a ride because Simon got out of the cab and wandered off to meet his fate....

whew..I don't understand these people..first of all the mom is using Barry Cappello's law firm, Cappello & Noël LLP and Barry hasn't won a case in ages...this case will be nothing new...the mom will lose...Barry is chasing a big payout again...

the reason the mom's son is dead is because of  his alcohol abuse so I'd sue the bar who kept plying him with spirits....oh I know alcohol is legal but it's still a dangerous drug... I mean if Simon was sipping 7-UP or Perrier do you think he'd have ended up dead on the highway, hit by a gook from the casino??

or the mom could sue the cops for not realizing there was a drunk guy riding as a passenger in a cab...

geez, the possibilities are endless!

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