Sunday, June 30, 2013

saved by zero

Maybe someday
Saved by zero
I'll be more together


crippled by stress, Scott hobbles along with nurse close by
ok it's summer and here come the booze festivals...Santa Barbara must have more alcoholics per capita than any place in the world!!

let's see, there's the Wine Festival, the Beer and Car Festival/Tequila Fest at Elings Park, the Fiesta Tequila Festival at the Cabrillo Arts Center....and the Funk Zone has more wine tasting rooms per block than should be's like having 10 liquor stores on Milpas by Trader Joe's!!

now all this booze creates plenty of social problems like drunk driving, violence and puking in public, but the booze-enabling News-Press seems to be oblivious to the realities of drunk in point is Scott Steepleton's yellow story about the SBPD DUI unit..the article on the front page took some facts from the police dept and turned them into a fiction about reducing DUI monitoring by the cops...Scott takes some weird data from 2006 and an unnamed case with Judge Brian Hill and concludes the cops are no longer interested in tracking DUI cases!! and he goes back to 2011 to supply more unrelated data to support his was the strangest attempt yet to discredit the cops...

the fact is in gov't work, duties are changed, schedules are changed, operational shifts are changed to meet the current needs of any department..this is such basic ignorance from the News-Press because they have never worked on a all stems from Wendy getting rich off her ex-husband, the ultra-weird Craig McCaw!

so the cops will continue arresting and dealing with drunks and taxpayers will keep footing the bill for idiots like DeNunzio, Lance and Martin Maguire...

but it's telling that this story coincides with a story about Peter Lance in Sunday's Life Section of the paper..a fluff piece about his "investigative journalism" prowess...

so Scott Steepleton and the News-Press printed a bogus story about the cops going easy on social drinkers who DUI so they could make Peter Lance look like some kind of hero for today's Life story??

I call that a big zero...

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