Friday, June 14, 2013

pretty woman

walkin' down the street, pretty woman, the kind I like to meet

[update] I really wanted to strangle Martin right then and there for causing such motorway mayhem and the hurt to the motorcyclists....I wanted to break his scrawny little neck, but I think he's mental...I mean wayyyyy mental...I can't beat up mental dudes...

[update] as Maguire was standing before the judge, I saw him stumble a bit and his lawyer Christine had to hold him.. the judge asked him a question and Martin mumbled something into the microphone

[update] either Martin is mental or he's done so many drugs his brain had been fried down to the size of a peanut

[update] I think I saw Lara Cooper from Noozhawk at the hearing...she's cute, well-groomed and clean and a little yuppie! years ago, I would have dirtied her up a bit....hehehe]

[update] there's so many pretty woman at the court house! probably they wanted to be ballerinas when they were little girls...

pretty latina with big boobs!!
have you seen Scruffy? call 805-813-0766
[update] as I was leaving the hearing, I noticed from a distance something on my windshield..GODAMMIT, another ticket I thought, cursing the metermaid..but no, it was a notice of a lost dog! poor mutt

[update] the bailiffs have a thankless job keeping order in the court, so here's a 'thank-you' to them

[update] the courthouse is so nice and the grounds are so pretty, like a woman!!

ohh, ohhh, pretty woman!!!

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