Thursday, June 27, 2013

my mind has a mind of its own

It takes me out a walkin' when I'd rather stay at home

"what is the News-Press but a yellow journal that dips into human misery to print its sloppy human interest stories"

so we have Andy Caldwell and Cat Cora to discuss today...Andy for his mental religious views and Cat for her new shoes..

ok so Andy, who is totally the Mental Midget of the north county, can't draw any logical conclusions in his News-Press guest editorials and Wednesday was no exception...Andy bemoans psychology as a fake science because he says psychologists can't prove anything...and then he says American morals are in decline because people have turned away from God! well, Andy where is God and why don't he show his lowdown face??? I mean talk about something you can't prove!!

it all starts when Andy can't figure out why soldiers are killing themselves...because they can't cope or get the services they need from the VA he says...Andy Caldwell is a guy who doesn't understand battle or human nature so a few psychology classes would benefit him...

why do you suppose WW2 produced so many alcoholics from the greatest generation...or drug users in Vietnam...or the Iraq and Afghanistan wars...young people coming back without limbs from wars we sent them into...wars that served no purpose but to what end??

the question is why does America keep getting into these crazy wars?? uh, well maybe we really are all mental!!

organized religion produces the most insane among us so trying to understand all the god-fearing repression is what Jung and Freud were all about.. delve into the human mind and psychology can set you free, but it's not all easy- peasy...there's no quick answers like just pray, send the TV evangelist money (their version of sowing seeds) and it will all be ok..Andy you are the reason they invented abnormal psychology!! you're a case diagnosis Andy after reading your fluff in the News-Press is you suffer from an organic mental disorder, you have some some impulse control issues, an hysterical neurosis, and some sexual issues- esp with Supervisor Janet Wolf-you wanna bang her in the worst is available dude

Designing Woman

next we have Cat Cora the chef/chowder gal who crashed into someone on State St after fighting with her girlfriend at Colds Spings Tavern and DUI...well I trust Cat won't be driving drunk anymore but I like her new line of shoes: the Tipsy Gay, the Hangover and the Mr. Bojangles...we stylin' now, Cat!!!

cool jerk
then we got Swedish guy who likes to masturbate while riding his bike..the cops got him on video and are looking for him... now who do you think could explain this perverted exhibitionist behavior better, a psychologist or a preacher???

that'll be 5 cents, please

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