Thursday, June 13, 2013

Acapulco Gold

We're goin' south to get that Acapulco Gold
Ain't nothin' it can't fix

Mr. Frivolous
well I thought that Wendy fired reporters for being biased...but here we have Scott Steepleton the city editor reporting about Steve Pappas on the front page and injecting his opinions about the ruling...

Pappas, aka Mr. Frivolous, lost yet again when the Supreme Court threw out his lawsuit about some frivolous thing related to his loss to Dorren I predicted on April 12, 2013 the Supremes wouldn't hear the case:
latest in the on-going hissy fit by "image consultant" Steve Pappas is he hired Barry Cappello to waste the Supreme Court's time because he lost an election to Doreen Farr! I guarantee the Supremes will not even hear this case...

according to Pappas, the election was rigged and he doesn't want to pay Farr for his other frivolous lawsuit.....these fuckers never learn!! lawsuits are good for solving real probelms between people, but overused they become a drain on the system...nowadays people sue you if you look at them cross-eyed..or some psychotic perception of wrong-doing...

atty Barry Capello represented Pappas and I guess Capello and Wendy settled their lawsuit because I don't see any court dates anymore....pals again, Wendy and Barry??

to Wong Foo

I watch KSBY News sometimes but the gal anchor always kinda bothered me..then I was watching To Wong Foo last night and Patrick Swayze in drag reminded me of Jeanette! something is going here... I mean there at KSBY

ok now this is annoying me too....people are naming beer after started with the idiot at the Brewhouse naming beer after some dude has created Condor Trail Ale and wants you to drink it to promote a trail in the forest..what a stupidass idea..the story was in the Independent whose writers have becomed obsessed with Marianne an alcoholic??

now I do love Joni Mitchell but I don't like Joni Gray at all...she's always bothered me she's just so phony but COLAB, Andy Caldwell and the Chumash loved her..she was a supervisor for the corrupt north counties and she just got fined for the malfeasance with the Lompoc Housing scam which was reported in the Indie and Lompoc Record....Joni got off easy with only a $3000 fine...

so now I gotta run to the Martin Maguire stoner/ DUI hearing this morning...I got some questions for the dude...
Zig zag pottum wottum diddum woddum doo
Hey diddle diddle twenty three skidoo

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