Wednesday, June 26, 2013

turn turn turn

to everything there is season

now I think most non-profits are worthless pieces of shit..that's just fact...they hide behind their tax-exempt status to promote wars and racism and other tawdry of course the IRS should scrutinize them, like I am gonna do today....there's a story at the Independent about the $th of July parade in Santa Barbara..the parade organizers are a non-profit called the Spirit of 76 Foundation run by a guy named Paul Lamberton-your group can get an application to participate in the parade...apparently, the Veterans for Peace applied but were turned down...the Veterans for Peace gather at West Beach on Sundays to protest the wars we get ourselves into...they put American flags in the sand to represent thousands of dead soldiers..the Spirit of 76 Foundation hangs a giant American flag on the side of the Lobero Theater to show their patriotism...

a few years ago, Lamberton's group wanted to put a replica of the Statue of Liberty at Stearn's Wharf...I was all for it but the SB city council shot it down...

then he tried to get the Lady Liberty to the French Festival but it didn't arrive in time or something...

ok so the problem is the Veterans for Peace were denied a spot in the 2013 $th of July parade and the reason seems rather suspect...there was a supposed tussle between the the two groups last year, so Lamberton denied the vets this that a legit reason or is the reason really you can see, the this year's theme is America the Beautiful and having an anti-war group of vets on a float may not fit in with the "rah rah" chickenhawk atmosphere...

so the issue seems to be censorship..and improper use of the nonprofits tax exempt today I will launch an investigation of the Spirit of 76 Foundation..while they claim to be nonpartisan on their webpage, they are heavily supported by the Tea Party and are pro-teabaggers...this is a blatant misuse of the nonprofit and their tax exempt status should be revoked!!

who does this guy Lamberton think he is, Cap't America???

had the Veterans for Peace application not been denied, all this would not be an issue

but I don't need no punk teabaggers telling me how to be patriotic, I decide, not them...I don't need no stinkin' teabagger telling me to move to France if I don't like America..the fact is I love France and America and I will move between the cultures as I see fit!!! you got that, homeboy???

here's some lies I uncovered right from the Spirit of '76 website:

Spirit of `76 is a non-profit 501c3 organization. The group is non-partisan and non-political.


The all-volunteer Spirit of ’76 Association works very hard to bring together individuals and organizations of diverse political and partisan origins. Each represents a thread in the creation of this unique fabric of our community.

it appears the Spirit of 76 Foundation and Lamberton want to censor the Veterans for Peace..and censorship will not be tolerated in my America!!

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