Thursday, June 13, 2013


Tonight there's gonna be a jailbreak
Somewhere in this town

so I went into Santa Barbara to check out the Martin Maguire was overcasty but humid...the trees are purple and there's some nice white flowers at the courthouse...

the hearing is in the Figueroa Dept across the street, so I go in...weapons check..ok, I'm in..

Martin's cell phone fascination

I go's about 8:15 am..the courtroom is I wait outside and sit down on the bench by the courtroom...a few folks are milling around..then I see Martin Maguire in blue-purple shirt and khakis....he looks thin and lethargic, like a horse that hasn't been fed in awhile..

so he shuffles by me a few times like a lost little kid....he's looking down..he reeks of stale cigarette smoke..UGH!! I hate that smell..he must be chain smoker too....the dude looks like a zombie....I said hey Martin and he said nothing...he was constantly looking at his cell phone

Martin and Mystery Woman
then some pretty blonde chick with red toenails sits across from me...she looks at me with a stern face, like a marble statue...I call her the "mystery woman"...then Marty walks up to her and I figure out they are together..geez that the standard? a chain-smoking zombied out stoner??

anyway I figure maybe she's Martin's lawyer but no..his lawyer came in later and she was that Christine lady...skinny with a long nose and long brown hair...kinda witchy-looking but not bad...

I'm in the courtroom now so there's a few people in the seats and Clifford Anderson is the judge...I wish the lawyers and judges would SPEAK UP so I could hear them but everyone is talking low like almost a whisper...even with microphnes on! it's silly

so I sat through an hour of a case about some guy accused of breaking into a storage locker in Goleta..he was accused of stealing stuff...I don't know the outcome because I could barely hear the judge!!!

then a dude and a pretty young gal came in, dressed in blue prison garb..they sat in the jury seats...the chick looked like young Michele Bachman and was flirting with me with her eyes.. her peepers were hypnotic... I fell under her spell and tonight there's gonna be a jailbreak tonight because I gotta have her...

Hiding low looking right to left
If you see us coming I think it's best
To move away do you hear what I say
From under my breath

then Marty's case came up and they set a date for a preliminary hearing...I think anyway because it was all hush hush tones again....

if you can't say it, then sing it for chrissakes!!

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