Saturday, June 22, 2013

Society's Child

Now, I could understand your tears and your shame/ she called you 'Boy' instead of your name/when she wouldn't let you inside/when she turned and said, "But honey, he's not our kind"

this was in the News-Press online : Former Colorado congressman Tom Tancredo gave the opening address at the 2013 Young Americans for Freedom high school conference Thursday evening, speaking to a crowd of 75 high school students from across the country. The event was held at the Reagan Ranch Center in downtown Santa Barbara. Young Americans for Freedom is a nonprofit organization that sponsors conservative conferences for high school and college students and brings conservative speakers to college campuses....

then I got the paper and had a chuckle or two..well this always happens Wendy throws these tightly sealed little neocon parties and then reports on them the next day in her paper....the speakers are the ones who are killing real conservatism....Tancredo, Bachman, Phyllis all tea baggers!!

ok there's a couple of problems..first we got Wendy's non-profit the Young Miss America Foundation and next we got a new non-profit, the Young Americans for it any wonder the IRS is scrutinizing these scammers?? and by the way, that's Young White Americans for Freedom, right Wendy??

then we have Tom Tancredo a nutjob teabagger if there ever was one talking to 75, 75 kids from across the the country, telling them about....ahhh, let me see, the absense of patriotism among young people today....oh really? and then the old stand-by that America was founded on Judeo-Christian values....oh really? Congress shall make no law establishing any one religion..or the free exercise of any you are freedom to worship anything you want or not...the irony is Tancredo doesn't have a clue what America is all about...the teabaggers are false patriots, ie, scoundrels!!!
from the web: The Constitution is secular -- freedom of religion, no religious test to hold office, etc.

The society embraced Christian values, as nearly all citizens were Christians. Faith, Hope, Charity were pretty much universally held to be the highest moral values.

But one quickly finds sectarian differences... Is "Hard Work" a Christian value, or merely a "Western" value? How universal was the Calvinist view of mankind as intrinsically sinful? Some would have said yes...but many would have said no. The Quakers and the Calvinists, both Christian, would have seen many things very differently.

By and large, the claim "America was founded on Christian Values" is a slogan used by those who do not favor separation of church and state. It's a shibboleth of the conservative Christian Right, designed to return to the days of mandatory school prayer. And so, to that degree, not only no, but hell no.

what will never happen is Wendy opens the Reagan Center up to the public to debate the issues..this is all a controlled farce and force feeding the kids her anti-gov't agenda is very unhealthy
and on the very same day, the Voices section had a column by Fox News guy John Stossel, a big anti-gov't guy who wants to legalize drugs....Stossel cites a study at Columbia University (Peter Lance, Dr. Laura alumni) that says most people who use pot, meth, crack cocaine don't go on to become addicted..that is probably the stupidest thing I've ever heard and I'll have more on this Stossel jackass later....

hey Bill O'Reilly-howz about a new book called "Killing the Republican Party"...

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