Tuesday, May 17, 2011

dress for success....

what a bunch of little sluts you women are!! you make me say some bad things!!

The SlutWalk was born in Toronto in April after a police officer there told a classroom of college students that they should refrain from dressing "like sluts" in order to avoid being sexually assaulted. The officer later apologized, but he had already spawned a movement. Walks have been staged in Boston, Dallas and other cities, and more are planned across America, including Chicago on June 4.

Some women have shown up for the walks scantily dressed, giving flash mob a new meaning. Others proudly proclaim "Slut" on their T-shirts. That's OK, Stander-Reimer said. Plenty of women dress more conservatively, but they all march under the SlutWalk banner.

"Different women dress in different ways for different reasons," she said. "You can be an intelligent woman and a successful woman and a powerful woman - and a sexual woman. Displaying yourself as a sexual creature doesn't mean that you're asking to be sexually assaulted."

Topless coffee houses....

GARDEN GROVE, Calif. -- Glimpses of bare breasts and more will no longer be offered with $5 cups of coffee at lingerie cafes in a Southern California suburb.

More than three dozen of the coffeehouses are operating in the Orange County city of Garden Grove, and some waitresses have been slipping out of teddies to serve customers in the nude. Additionally, arcade machines have been rigged to be gambling machines.

The Orange County Register reports Wednesday that the City Council has voted 4-0 to ban nudity, gambling and smoking in the sexy cafes.
see, if you defer responsiblity to the government, the gov't will act as your babysitter..and the last thing I want to see when I go into 7/11 in the AM for coffee is bare breasts..wait, wut I just say??

so what's the sluttiest thing a girl ever said to you.....well, once a girl said she wanted me to.... own her Pu&&y!! I can barely bring myself to repeat it here of all places..I was ..shocked! what kind of a thing is that for a dirty slutty girl to say to a nice guy like me??

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so these walks are different than thursday night on state street?