Friday, July 5, 2013

Blue on Blue

heartache on heartache..

well my Dell computer is going crazy with the blue screens and auto-shut downs when I least expect it...Dells suck so I call them Dull computers...geez, they freeze up all the time...and then my AOL email account starts sending out emails to people automatically without my knowledge!

computers are like women, they are real nice for awhile then they start fucking with you...and this one is messing with my head real bad....

ok so Judge Dandona tosses the charges against the Ninja motorcyclists who were involved in the crash up by Mission ridge...yes they were speeding, yes they crashed, yes an innocent bystander in a car was hurt, but the speedy cyclists get off scott culpability or accountability-except one guy died...

I wonder if Missy Dandona has ever heard the Ninjas as they speed their high pitch squeally motors down the highway....I hear them all the time and see them on Highway 150 and 192...only a matter of time before another accident happens on the back roads

so atty Christine Voss got her client off and now we'll see what happens to her other client, stoner Martin Maguire...

if somehow he walks free after crashing his SUV into and maiming two people on a motorcycle while he was DUI, then these DUI lawyers are gonna be in big trouble....and their little Road Warrior clients

they'd better grow eyes in the back of their stupid li'l heads because there's gonna be a Day of Reckoning..and that come right soon

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