Wednesday, July 3, 2013

this wheel's on fire

If your memory serves you well / We were going to meet again and wait / So I'm going to unpack all my things / And sit before it gets too late

so I've been watching the hearings of the Ninja motorcyclists who crashed up by Mission Ridge...allegedly these clowns were speeding their rice-burners and eventually crashed into an SUV (innocent bystander) and one the cyclists guy fled the scene and is now on trial..

real men don't flee the scene

Noozhawk has pretty good coverage and the Independent is picking up the pace too...the News-Press as usual is a few days behind...

I am not too motivated to cover the hearings since they are not DUI- related, just studipity-related...but if I find out that booze was involved, I'll be at the courthouse scowling at these losers..

not only am I talking about the defendants, but their defense lawyers...Christine Voss and Ron "Bam-Bam" Bamieh....Voss is defending stoner Martin Maguire also..Maguire is the one who maimed some motorcyclists while DUI.... but this other lawyer, Ron Bamieh peaked my interest when he started blaming the cops for his clients' stupidity!!

cry-baby defense lawyer Ron Bamieh

Bam-Bam wanted the case dismissed because he's afraid of the rogue Big Bad Wolf-one of the investigating cops, Jaycee where have I heard this before???..oh yeah, a page out of Darryl's handbook...Darryl and his Merry Pranksters!

I'll be watching this Bamieh guy...seems pretty shady to me..and check this out..he makes a living crying "police brutality" every five minutes!!

from a web/lawyer feedback site: Ron Bamieh is a terrible trial lawyer from what I've seen. His work product at the D.A. office at times looked completely ridiculous. I would be very careful dealing with this guy. He's just not that sharp and his credibility is questioned by many.

DO NOT USE for family law/divorce. He will not do anything for you without money and filed a motion against me for fees EVEN BEFORE I RECEIVED HIS INVOICE!!!

and from the Ventura County Star: Bamieh defended a crooked pastor in Ventura Lonnie McCowen, who got busted for conning an old man...
He had a real sweet deal," Gilmond’s attorney, Greg Jones, said of McCowan’s arrangement. But the McCowans recently defaulted on their payments, and Jones is going to court Wednesday to ask Superior Court Judge Steven Hintz for a judgment against McCowan for roughly $500,000 — the full amount and unpaid interest.

Bamieh said the McCowans fell behind because they have been forced to spend their resources to hire two lawyers, forensic accountants and investigators to help fight the criminal charges.

defense attys always enter motions to dismiss when they know their clients are guilty..if you can blame the cops and shift attention away from your guilty clients, you might get a judge dumb enough to believe you...the Judge is this case is Jean Dandona and she laughed off Bamieh's claims that Officer Hunter was bullying him as would any credible judge...Ron "Bam-Bam" Bamieh is a drama queen

I swear to God some of the defense attorneys in this town are such mental whipdicks....and what is this sub-culture of people who are so afraid of the cops, they start crying when a cop walks down the street, or when a cop drinks some coffee, or when a cop scratches her ass, or when a cop braids her purty hair? who are these paranoid freakos? they are the ones who break the law, that's who!!

so I'm hoping more judges will see thru the defense atty tricks and let justice run its course...

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