Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Happy Together

imagine me and you I do....

Eleanor, gee I think you're swell!

I hate that song by the Turtles...hate it! it's annoying but I do love "Elenore" and "It Ain't me Babe"...pop gems...whenever I hear Elenore I think of Eleanor Mondale ..I thought she was beautiful and wanted to marry her...we were born on the same day and I always felt some other-worldly connection to her...I was crushed when she died at 51 of brain cancer...ugh!!

which brings me to today's topic: marriage

do you Darryl take Peter to be your lawfully wedded wife..err, husband....I mean do you Peter take Darryl to be your bitch..I mean you wife-husband...uhh...shit, now I'm confused!

alright so I'm a dumbass Catholic but if started taking eveything in the bible literally, there'd be none of you left

Peter and Darryl plan a September wedding!

so I'm looking through the bible for Sodom and Gomorrah and I can't find it...there's Luke and Leviticus..there's some nice psalms and some sage proverbs, but no Sodom and Gomorrah...

the reason I want to read it thoroughly is because now gay people can get married and a bunch of conservatives like Michele Bachman to Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) to Pat Robertson said "read Sodom and Gomorrah" in the bible and I'll see what wrath God is ready to be cast upon America if gays get married....so does God really hate fags as the Westboro Church claims??

well I'm really not too concerned about gays getting married but I want to read the S&G story... oh, I see, it's tucked away in Genesis 19....

first line: and there came two angels to Sodom...angels are female as far as I'm concerned so well how bad could it be? I read on and really couldn't make heads or tails about what was going on in Sodom..I mean much worse stuff happens in Santa Barbara!

let's see...some daughters were offered to some men for a gang rape kinda deal and some other men wanted to "know" some men who were compassing and using the door but were sent by the Lord to destroy the city...and then some daughters end up sleeping with their dad, Lot, and end up carrying his child!! Lot boned his daughters??? leapin' lizards!!

Louie Gohmert R-Texas

it seems that Sodom was consumed with iniquity but where in the world does Gomorrah fit in??? and then in Gen 18 God and Abraham were talking about their seeds and circumcision and foreskin...geez, I think God is the gay perv here because I got cut when I was a baby and was that really necessary?? I think that's why guys jerk-off so much to compensate for the pain of circumcision the little jerk-offs

but what does any of this have to do with gay marriage?? the anti-gay marriage folks are pro-discrimination and that is not allowed by the Constitution...the Supremes confirmed that so deal with it, I say

from the web: Genesis 19:31-32 tells us that Lot’s daughters believed there would be no man for them and no children. This may be because they saw the destruction of Sodom and believed they were the only people left on earth. They were trying to preserve the family line. Why did Lot have sex with his own daughters? He got drunk. Yes, his daughters conspired to get him drunk, but Lot willingly drank and when he was drunk, he lost what little control and common sense he had (Genesis 19:30-38), and this is the final step in Lot’s backsliding. The lesson can we learn from this is when a person has too much to drink they do not make good choices and lose control of their morals and operate out of the sinful, carnal nature. As a result of the incest, two children were born and those two children are the fathers of two nations that have been at odds with and the source of much suffering to Israel down through history.

oh..uh...so what the bible in Genesis 19 is saying about Sodom and somewhere Gomorrah is that fathers if you go up in the hills, drink wine and have sex with your daughters, you'll be right at home in Texas and Alabama..which explains guys like Louie Gohmert, whose name sounds like Gomorrah and whose sister probably is also his mother!!

I don't think God hates fags, but he sure seems to hate Texas...

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