Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Bombs Away..Dream Babies!

I went to the Bombardier Polo matches in it was fun...I saw that pip pip English chap who writes for the paper-in-question..he was hammered! I sat down to have a little chat and he dropped a bombshell:
"pretty soon they are gonna raze this polo field and build a fookin' casino".. then he put his hand on my leg! "Hey... wait a minute" I exclaimed.."I'm not gay"...he looked at me with bloodred eyes and slurred..sorry mate..I thought you was my fookin' editor!
Needless to say, I left that fool alone with his spirits...the match was spot on good, the horses were specimens, the women were of high pedigree with noses somewhat pointed upwards all the time. All in all, I like the polo crowd.... I hope they like me...

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