Monday, September 15, 2008


Indians to Blame!!!

Taxpayers confused..CEOs get away with millions for ruining companies....rightwingers go after public slaved and saved for years, now they say: hand it over!! Public employees say: FUCK OFF!
Casino mentality invades Wall Street...private sector looking for a quick buck....
and you can find it here!! Follow the signs on the Chumash Highway and head on over to the Chumash Casino...shiny prizes! new cars! bingo! HOT SLUTS...I mean SLOTS! Fiesta Mexicana! All the cliches and stereotypes you are not supposed to use on the Chumash, the Chumash are using you to sell the casino! Sell your trailer and invest in a slot machine!

Hot reporter Arti Nehru questions an Indian girl who says: what happens on the reservation, stays on the reservation!

Private companies messing up the economy...capitalism without responsiblity creating havoc! No government oversight or regulation under President Bush who still thinks the economy is strong!banks folding, mortgage houses burning....with leadership like this..who needs terrorists??


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Hello Nigel.

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OH..that Nigel!
Now lissen up sonny, I'm not Lisa, my name is Julie...provide some context for the reader,will you? String a whole sentence together next time you comment! For now, I'll do it for you:

"FOR a year Nigel Gallimore was hailed as a hero for his daring rescue of two men from a blazing plane.
Yesterday the window cleaner was forced to admit in a coroner’s court that he had lied about his exploits, having stolen his rescue story from the real rescuer who had preferred to keep his bravery quiet.

Mr Gallimore, 41, now faces the ignominy of having to return his Queen’s Commendation for Bravery, which was awarded after his boasts of a dramatic rescue.

In fact, he had arrived on the scene too late to do much more than help to move one of the badly burnt victims on to a grass verge. But he claimed in a statement and on television that he had helped them from the blazing wreckage seconds before the aircraft exploded in a ball of flame."