Saturday, September 27, 2008


...done with the work of breathing

Americans have the only culture who thinks people shouldn't die; then when they do, we have long funeral processions that create traffic jams...
but death happens..Paul Newman just died...he was 83, but Cool Hand Luke could never grow old...mothers die; fathers die;aunts and uncles die..brothers and sister and cousins die; friends and enemies perish, too.
Some folks go out creatively: Gram Parsons' friends took him to the California desert and burned him after he od'ed on drugs; some folks commit suicide, I guess because like Vincent Van Gogh, no hope was left inside on that starry starry night; but I remind my unhappy friends there is always hope..
Now, I see death as a competition. You gotta hang on..sometimes just to annoy people. If you outlive everyone, you win!
So it comes down to this: it's either you or me....I wish you no ill will but I'm very competitive and I hope you die before me...RIP

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