Thursday, September 25, 2008

Free Markets & Free Willy....

People are Strange....Beam me up..Wendy!

Says Craig McCaw: "The orcas swim in space that we don't very well understand and of course in outer space we will face some day the moral dilemma of how to deal with aliens who land on earth, perhaps, if in fact what people believe is true- and we will have the same moral dilemma in exchanging people or creatures back and forth with them for understanding.
What is right and to what degree should it be voluntary or not voluntary or for the good of society, theirs or ours? So we're on the cusp of some very difficult issues that we frankly aren't going to escape very easily. But it's quite clear to us that these are extremely intelligent creatures. That dolphins and killer whales are very much like us only with fins and there is a certain amount of mutual understanding that comes from this exchange. But I believe in taking risks to make the right thing come true. I have a wonderful moment in the TV show Star Trek where Captain Kirk says, risk is our business and makes a compelling case for why the purpose of all of this is to explore and as it were find what is possible".

That sounds like President Bush trying to explain America's money meltdown: capitalists are like whales without fins and sometimes they need our help... he wants to give billions to gamblers on Wall Street.. and I don't get it. Am I the only clod in America who sees that this is like trying to keep a pet whale... capitalism is not sustainable....I hate that word, but it is true..

There is a bright side to a money addiction....If I'm feeling down, I can buy some things that are sure to cheer me up.
Like these:

a marshmellow shooting bazooka....what is this.. a sex toy??

a $1400 Swiss Army knife..look at it! If the Army had these in Iraq, we would have won the occupation!! I feel better already....

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