Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Restaurant Dogs...

your little dog is about the size of a football...hmmmm

Dr. Laura has been crying for weeks about the treatment her pocket poodle got in Tre Lune, a Montecito restaurant. The restaurant policy is real simple: no dogs. What's the problem? The problem is people like Dr. Laura have pet dependancy issues..they treat their dogs like people, and fret when you don't! Well... I got news for these knuckleheads..dogs are not people, they are dogs. The only reason they hang around you is for food and shelter. When you pamper them, they turn neurotic, just like their "owners". Then I gotta tiptoe around the city so I don't scare them! Geez, if you're gonna treat them like people, at least give them some prozac..mellow them out..YAP YAP YAP!!

Healthy dogs like to play and roam..ranch dogs are healthy dogs. If you are going to have a dog, make sure you create a healthy environment...don't keep him cooped up in a condo all day!
Now, I enjoy a night out occasionally. The last thing I want ot see is Dr. Laura fiddling with her dog next to my table. I don't want her fleas on my mashed potatoes..and beaches... domestic dogs think the beach is their own water closet! You ever wonder where those high coliform numbers really come from?
Common courtesy should tell you: keep your dogs to yourself!!
PS...Cats are not bound by these rules

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Anonymous said...

Love the blog. Hate "dr" Laura - total self-riteous bee-ach. and travis too. and wendy. keep the hits a comin'