Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday Morning Comin' Down...

and my delusions of grandeur....

Saturday I made two new friends..Al Paca-cino..and Dolly Llama!

The Carpinteria Triathlon is in full swing after I EXPRESSLY ordered a boycott!

The NewsPress is missing an opinion..Where's Travis..I haven't seen hide nor hair of him recently..I credit my blog for shaking things up at the NewPress..are they huddling trying to cease and desist me?

Dr. Laura is STILL crying about her dog and abortion rights!

Still no more full page anti-Teamster ads. Instead, Nipper has written us a half-page ad explaining how the negotiations are going. Now he says everything is hunk dory and the paper is bargaining..he says he wants to move forward and direct his energies to enhancing the NewsPress!
Maybe that's why Travis is MIA!

and you can thank me!


As the toilet spins said...

So Wendy's Web site says "...We hope by providing accurate and factual information, the visitor can make informed conclusions about the life and work of Mrs. McCaw."

Here's an example of that "factual" information:

Nipper's ad claims reporters demanded "editorial control" of the newsroom. What reporters demanded was that the News-Press rebuild the wall between editorial opinion and objective reporting, a wall that had crumbled under Wendy's interference.

He claims "former newsroom employees" recruited the Teamsters. False. It was the reporters, copy editors and photographers then employed at the paper, and the vote was 33-6.

He also claims the News-Press has been "bargaining in good faith." If that's the case, then why did the National Labor Relations Board in July announce plans to prosecute Ampersand on just that very issue?

Mick said...

That's a question for a loiyet, Toilet..I think Wendy looks hot!

Anonymous said...

Wendy belongs on Project Runway.She looks very fashionable!

Just wondering said...

Wonder why Wendy McCaw chose to have a Web site devoted to making HER look good rather than spending the money on improving her newspaper's online presence.

She wants more subscribers, doesn't she?