Thursday, September 18, 2008

Travis Exposes Himself..

as an even bigger idiot than previously believed!

Gee Travis, if you're going to set everybody up for a big dinner party and then offer only pretzels and water, then you're gonna get some flack. Such is the case with the KEYT Christmas video..even Santa would be disappointed! YOU claimed for months and months in your NewsPRess column that you had some dirt on the folks at KEYT claimed a racy XMAS party video existed, and when aired, would embarass Paula and CJ and the lectured them on ethics and leadership...all the while failing to look at the NewsPress, a place where ethics and leadership can't be found..anywhere!
Now, the video is out and people are watching it and...wondering what the hell you were talking about! So some television co-workers got together over the holidays and filmed themselves having some fun..gee, TV station employees filming themselves! What next? What were you thinking? Do you have crush on CJ? PeeWee?
SO Travis..what else ya got? Any bedroom videos of you and your boyfriend? Dr. Laura and her poodle Bebe engaged in inappropriate contact? Nipper in a drunken Tequila stupor? Wendy snorting coke?


Anonymous said...

You suck, Travis. No one likes you. Leave Santa Barbara now. Stay at least 100 miles away. Better yet, get the fuck outta Cali altogether.

Mick said...

I think Travis can stay, he just needs to get a job more suited to his a casino dealer or something...and watch your language there, pal!