Saturday, September 20, 2008

the Lew and Travis Show..

there's no such thing as bad publicity,
so I'll do my part to help make Lew a star! Apparently, Lew and Travis met in county jail and became really close, close friends. They had both been busted on DUI charges..and lived to brag about it. They cooked up a scheme behind bars to make up stories about KEYT because Lew had been fired and because the station covered the NP meltdown.Travis would then print them as facts. Their joint venture would be financed by a rich old blonde from Hope Ranch (believe me, there's plenty over there).

After they got released, Travis went to Minnesota to be with his Chippewa tribe: Travis A of the Santa Barbara (Calif.) News-Press, is a registered member of the Leech Lake band of the Minnesota Tribe. The tribe operates Palace Casino and Hotel in Cass Lake, Northern Lights Casino, Hotel and Convention Center in Walker, and White Oak Casino in Deer River.

Minnesota Chippewa Tribe and Child Abuse....
Cass Lake, MN 218-335-8585
Funding will provide the opportunity to develop uniform, standard procedures for the Tribes, State, and counties to follow when working with Indian families involved in severe physical and sexual abuse cases in Minnesota. The project served as a consortium of four reservations (Fond du Lac, Grand Portage, Leech Lake, and White Earth) to develop model projects for handling child abuse cases. The primary objectives were to: (1) train Tribal staff and establish and train multidisciplinary teams; (2) develop Tribal ordinances, codes, and protocols; (3) develop collaborative State, county, and Tribal agreements to develop cooperative procedures; and (4) provide training to members of local Tribal Councils to improve the overall response to child physical and sexual abuse.

Lew went on to become a preacher, spell checker and a rapper. Says Lew... "I dropped out of school at a young age after many brushes with the law and become a recognized rap artist on my way to stardem as a teenager. After appearring on national TV, obtaining representation and several contract offers from major record labels in 1990, my career came to a hault when my father died of a heart attack at the hands of ciggarrettes... I became a Christian and married the following year, at the age of 18, and enrolled in Bible college where I quickly excelled, recieving my degree in Theology and becoming a licensed Minister with the Assemblies Of God. Being a born perormer, and a human with a big heart to help people, I was likened to a young Billy Graham. I preached in many churches". Lew has ADHD and can't spell worth a damn!
Lew got a job at KEYT but was fired for incompetence, or something. Feeling that everyone should love him, he couldn't accept the firing and set out to get even..just another disgruntled ex-employee...Wendy fired DOZENS of them and they've been trying to exact revenge ever since!
Lew's natural talent as a huckster helped shed some light on the anti-semites at KEYT...he has produced a video with help from News Press that will help end the scourge of private Jewish Christmas parties! He promises more vids are in the works....and I can't wait!!!

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Hyping the huckster said...

If you happen to watch the video, note all the advertisements -- ADHDtv and Atomic Lawn -- for his own television show that Lew Marklin has inserted at the beginning.

It probably began as an inhouse video by KEYT employees for KEYT employees, but Marklin is using it to promote himself.