Sunday, September 21, 2008

Balloons for Everyone!!

not the ribbed ones!!

I don't know why I read the NewsPress..not for the stories, certainly not for the educational or informational benefits...I know, it's for the ads! A few weeks ago the NewsPress was using full pagers to denounce the Teamster's balloon tactics (using innocent kids to carry balloons with the message "Cancel the NewsPress" on them). After I posted my thoughts that the ads were subliminally suggesting violence against the Teamster guys, I haven't seen anymore ads! This is proof that this blog serves a useful public service.. pushing peace and love, brothers and sisters!
So I find an ad in the Sunday paper that uses balloons to sell advertising a special occasion? Well, we got special rates for you..from births to baptisms to bar mitzvahs (damn Jews,they don't need special rates, they're the chosen ones!)
I thought the NewsPress was adverse to using balloons to sell a message, but they saw how effective the Teamster campaign was, so they copied it! However, I find it unconscionable they would use birth and infants to sell advertising. Further proof that Wendy doesn't really care about the children..and as Dr. Laura would say: Sad, really......

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