Thursday, September 18, 2008

Don't let Heal the Ocean spoil your beach FUN!!

The Boss of the Beach....

is Hilary Hauser the new Mother Nature?
or just the queen of narcissim?

I dunno, she kinda looks like a old hippie dude. She started a thing called "Heal the Ocean" after some surfers (hey duuudes!) complained about getting sick while in the water. She immediately suspected that humans were the cause and set out to prove it..
she snuck into wastewater plants (trespassed) and grabbed samples without knowing what the heck she was doing. Any lab tech will tell you she ignored all the strict sampling protocols..well she didn't find anything. She did get loads of publicity, some celebs joined her cause, and people kept sending her money. Remember when the sharks were hanging around the seal rookery, they killed a seal. A woman also was found dead on the shore after her car was found abandoned on Santa Claus Lane.
Hilary was up in arms over this, suggesting the rookery was a threat to surfers for providing an easy seal meal to a shark.. she was obviously using the fear factor and still people kept sending her money..
As a life long scuba diver, world traveler, naturalist, water pro, poet and philosopher, and geetar picker, here's what I think: litter is one of the biggest threats to oceans; wastewater plants are the last, best line of defense against people polluting the seas..

Common sense should guide Heal the Ocean instead of hysteria....snooping around and trespassing into wastewater plants as Hilary Hauser has done, looking for smoking guns is not environmentalism!! You need to WORK in such an environment to separate fact from fiction...
You already pay taxes to have water & wastewater treated and the quality monitored, HTO tests are redundant and based on fear! It is nothing more than celebrity over science....there are lots of gullible folks out there..
Ocean Facts: The waters of the Pacific Ocean are already grossly unsuitable for human consumption. They contain highly toxic (to humans) amounts of salt and smaller quantities of almost every element and compound — hazardous and beneficial — known to man. Also present are an untold number of bacteria, including various dangerous ones from the intestinal tracts of land and sea animals. In fact, if it’s poisonous and exists anywhere on Earth, it’s in the ocean. SO STOP THIS SILLY TALK ABOUT "PRISTINE OCEANS"..

Citizens’ groups such as Heal the Ocean have long suggested that the city’s aging sewer system was leaking into the ground water and travelling underground into the surf. But preliminary results from the study, which is funded in part by Heal the Ocean, suggest that city sewers are not to blame. More taxpayer money wasted on another study! Common sense could have told her the outcome! The sewer system pipes aren't pressurized!!

The Groundwater Connection(Text from Heal the Ocean March 2006 newsletter RE: USGS Study of shallow groundwater beneath the City of Santa Barbara):

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