Saturday, September 13, 2008

Unity Floppes..

People smile and tell I'm the lucky one?

There are a few things that keep Travis burning the midnite oil...dreams about dreamy Kenny Loggins, Mayor Blum and KEYT ..Editor Travis, in his newly minted Saturday column ("keep him outta Sunday's paper!" says Wendy) continues his mental monopoly with those who helped embarrass him during the News-Press mutiny and to remind us how trash gets recycled...
Travis pines for the days when Debby Davison was scowling at us from behind the anchoring desk or when Gabe Saglie was working there. Gabe Saglie? Geez, the guy is a poodle! Then he mentions the infamous KEYT party video again...Travis is obviously obsessed with the TV staff antics on the video..repeating all this stuff must relieve his anxiety about the drunk driving episode in which he was totally humiliated....and the place he was arrested is a known gay hangout (so I'm told)...the miserable indeed love company.
Now, I have no use for KEYT either unless I want to know who got killed in Oxnard..they need to get back to focusing on the real local news and give some televised opinions about the NewsPress tactics.. they need to return fire!

A smart thing KEYT did last year was to stop sponsoring the Unity Shoppe Telethon, which we all know has become nothing more than some rich guilty white folks giving their leftovers to poor Mexican folks and filming it once a that's humiliating!
It's better to give to the Rescue Mission or Salvation Army..and you don't need a phony telethon to do it. Just leave your stuff on the doorstep and they come to pick it up! The Salvation Army staff can fix anything.
Last year's Unity Floppe telethon was hosted & sponsored by the NewsPress and it was shocking to the eye...Nipper was carousing around dressed in a gold lame suit like a casino lounge lizard, Dr. Laura showed up weighing in at about 80 pounds, some crazy dude was singing onstage and some poor Mexicans were grabbing canned goods off the shelves..that's not a telethon..that's a sitcom!!

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