Thursday, September 25, 2008

Water Water..get yourself in that cool clear water...

Boycott Carpinteria Triathlon (or its sponsor!)

Why? Because this year it is presented by the Santa Barbara NewsPress...I don't know know what "presented" means, but having the NewsPress involved means there are purse strings attached. The Coastal View should have presented it, not the News-Press. The Carpinteria Triathalon should have said what Sarah Palin would have said: thanks, but no thanks!
I got no problem with the race, except when the skinny athletes run up highway 192, they leave a bunch of litter: water bottles. Hey, maybe that's why the NewsPress is sponsoring it..bottled water! Nipper is a bottled water takes brains to fill up a plastic bottle with tap water and market it as elixir from a mountain stream! I'd rather drink tap water treated by the water treatment plant..mountain stream water is full of bear, bird and lion poopnpee..and when it rains that stuff ends up in the ocean.. a natural event until some little dickweed surfer starts crying to Heal the Ocean...why doesn't HTO sponsor something?

Well, I'll be taking my concerns to the Carpinteria City Council..we don't need such shady, toxic, corrupt characters as the NewsPress trying to clean up their reputation in Carpinteria..AKA Mayberry by the Sea...

Santa Presents:
the Carpinteria Triathlon..there..that's better!

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