Sunday, September 14, 2008

NewsPress Hires New Sports Director...

Dodgers Win! Dodgers Win!
Wendy emailed last night and asked me to introduce the new Sports director to you! Here he is..Reynoldo Schwarzenegger
Rey is also a lawyer, private dick, and owns a wine tasting room in Los Olivos, called "Backwards". Rey is related to the governator although Arnold denies it. Rey's first assignment will be adding up all the baseball scores of all the games since the beginning of the season and presenting it at a city council meeting during public comment..this will be the first time a NewsPress employee has addressed the council face to face, in public.
The NewsPress has a drug screening policy that applies to some of her employees and Reynoldo passed with flying colors! We look forward to welcoming Rey to the local Sports community and Wendy guaranteed the Sports section will be bigger and better in the days to come.

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